Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Anthro Markdown Tuesday! + Store Report: Checked Crops, Starred Entry Tee, Across The Lands Dress (Green Motif)

I stopped in at Vancouver Anthropologie today to pick up the Readymade Dress which has been on my wish list ever since I tried it on on a whim. I'm a bit disappointed at the sale price since I expected it would probably get marked down to about $59 since It's marked down to the same price as the Reflecting Pools Dress which is originally priced at $10 more then the Readymade dress. Not a huge deal, I was just hoping for a lower price today. I'm just glad the sale prices in Vancouver are the same as online. 
Shoes in store again today. Oooh I wish they would carry the entire selection of Anthro shoes, especially Miss Albright. 

So as I said, I tried the Readymade dress on before (over here) and was really impressed with the fit. I'm still hesitating on keeping it or not because the style is restricted to just summer and $69 is steep for a seasonal dress. Also, I have the Sailboat Skirt and it seems like having two nautical themed outfits is a little much..but I do love it. And, I'm not sure how I feel about the Chambray. Will it be too dated by next year? The fit is really flattering on me since it makes me really long torso seem shorter and my really short legs seem longer. I also really like how simple and comfortable this dress is. It sort of feels as comfortable as wearing sweats. Probably a keeper although I need to mull over if I want to hold out for second cut. 

 I decided to try it on with the Starred Entry Tee just to see if I can fall this dress up and I think it's possible although the way this top clings around my middle and where the top of the skirt sits I think this look needs to be belted. 

I LOVE this dress in this colorway. It's a funny way to do up a dress with eye hooks down the sides and at the neckline. It makes this really a wrap dress without a sash. I'm not sure I love how big the peep hole is at the bust.. I felt a bit exposed and would probably wear a black bandeau bra underneath to shorten the cleavage exposure but otherwise the dress was perfect. I really love the print and color in this dress. It's quite fall but can be worn in summer or spring as well. It's a size 10 and felt quite comfortable and roomy so I'd stick with this size. Wish listed for markdown or possible full price purchase if a dressy function pops up. 

My store finally got the Checked Crops in today (after I've ordered online). I really like the fabric in these pants. I was initially sceptical that I would like the fabric since it's polyester but it's a really soft, thick and brushed fabric and totally not itchy. The crops, as you can see, are really pant length on me. This is just fine by me since I plan on wearing this mostly with my boots or with my flats and if I wear it with chunky heels I can roll the cuff higher. The fit on these pants are a bit big and higher rise. I tried these on in a size down from my usual (12 in most pants) since they didn't have my size in. I'm going to stick with my true size since I think I need the baggier fit over my athletic thighs to prevent the pattern from distorting and just so it drapes a bit better in my upper thighs and butt. If you have narrower hips then me I would suggest sizing down in these as all the SA's in my store have tried them on and preferred the size down. If the one I ordered fits not too much roomier then these ones then I will keep them, if there is a big difference in size I will return and wait for markdown for this size. 

The Starred Entry Tee I have really mixed feelings about. I really love the orange and the grey colorway but unfortunately they really cling to my muffin top and highlight it. The Blue colorway seemed to disguise my problem areas more and was a bit better balanced on me then the others so I brought it home to think about. This is a large and I take a medium or large in most tops. I think there is not a lot of difference in fit in this shirt between medium and large but I got the large for the bit of extra length in the torso so that I could bunch it up a bit around the middle to hide my tummy. I also think that the horizontal seam across the front may be a problem for some depending on bust size and where it lays on you. May be returning this top and waiting for markdown. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Remember These?

Mystery Miss Albright heels I mentioned last week? 

Well they just popped up online

My Current Fall Lust List

I'm suffering from Anthro ADD at the moment and wish I could go on a fall shopping spree (since it's 16*c here at the moment and not really summer) so instead of actually shopping I'm just gazing at my wish list. Most of these items are not in my local store so my wish list may change once I get a chance to try some of these on. 

I tried this one on in the grey color last week in Seattle and I'm really not sure why I didn't buy it. I think I was hung up on my first impression of it on the website where I thought it was just sort of plain and boring. When I saw it in person I was surprised that it was a thin sweatshirt like material and had a really flattering fit. Perfect for me for fall - casual yet elegant.  It was lovely on but I passed on it and now I think I would love it in either orange (that's a branch out color for me) or the grey which really looks like a soft blue/pale purple. I just noticed this picture of it online today and it really shows how well this top hugs your curves in the right places. 

As much as I'd love to wear skirts all of the time, I know I just wont unless I'm going somewhere fancy. These pants really drew my attention because they're dressier then jeans...but can still be quite casual and effortless. I can wear them with my boots, flats or my heels. It's a bit of a pipe dream that these pants will look nice on me with this particular print or that they will fit me at all since I have quite athletic thighs and a curvy figure, both of which make pant shopping a pain. But I really waaaaant these to work on me. My store hasn't gotten them in yet and I'm quite anxious to try them on. 

This is such a great cardi. My friend got one the other day and it looks so Jacki O on her. The length is lovely, the fabric is lovely and I adore a 3/4 length sleeve on a cardigan. It looks perfect with pencil skirts and jeans. I'm drawn to the yellow since I'm a bit obsessed with the color lately but I think the grey would have more versatility in my closet. 

This was on my pipe dream wish list back in May and then I sort of put it out of my mind. Lately I'm obsessing with this dress again and very badly want it to go on markdown. I'm obsessing about how to pair colors with it and how to make it fall appropriate. I have no shoes to wear with this dress but I have a few occasions in the Fall that I will need a dress for so If it goes on sale, and I can satisfy myself that this is a versatile dress to style then I would love to have it. 

Beautiful blouse to wear with a pencil skirt or trousers. It's just stunning and so elegant. I can see wearing a blouse like this to a dinner party.  Although I'm visually really drawn to this top it doesn't have that comfortable effortless look that appeals to me so I wouldn't be tempted by this unless I have a very specific function it would be perfect for. 

This top is too adorable. I love a 3/4 sleeve over full length and the print is just too cute. I wonder how the print would look like on and if it would be obvious what the print is or if it just looks like smudged colors. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Anthro Markdown Tuesday!

This is the first week I've been disappointed at not seeing some of the items I had my heart set on buying today. How silly. It was such a good markdown with several items I've got on my wish list but because I had my heart set on 2 specific items I can't enjoy what was uploaded. Such a fickle creature I am. I was hoping the Backswept Dress would be marked down today so when I was up at 2am with my cranky 1 year old I decided to actually 'get up' and check online for it. I was also hoping to see the Readymade Dress but alas, this was not the week for me. 

Yesterday I was in at Vancouver Anthropologie briefly since I was in the neighborhood and I wanted to check and see if the Checked Crops were in for me to try on (nope, not yet). Since I was there I quickly checked thru the barrettes which I like to collect when they are marked down and I saw that they got the Asters Barrette in ($22 CAN/$18 online). I went to pay for it and the lovely SA told me they were ringing up at $9 so I grabbed a second one. I'm surprised they aren't marked down online today since I figured they were scanning for cheaper for that reason but I guess it may be a glitch? If your in store and had your eye on those it may be worth while getting it scanned to check the actual price on it. 

I really loved this skirt when I tried it on but not sure if I like the midi length on me. 

I haven't tried this one on yet but I'm a sucker for polka dots. If it's still in when I get a chance to go back to the store later this week then I may snatch it up. 

I really loved this top when it came online and my only poo-poo about it is that the neckline is cut in a way that shows bra straps. I'd probably get this if I see it in store later this week but I'm not so motivated to order online at the moment. 

I liked the look of this tank and the print on it but really didn't like the boxiness of it. I'd like to see how this looks belted or tucked in before I totally write it off. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Anthropologie Review: Heritage Raincoat (Come to me my pretty!!)

Today is the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I decided to venture out to Seattle for a look see since this epic sale includes new season (pre fall) items and not last seasons (summer) leftovers.  Specifically I have skinny jeans on my needs list and some other fall bits and pieces that I'm keeping my eyes peeled for but sadly I think I was the only person today who came out of Nordy's without a big bag. I did see AG Stevies on for $100 and almost got them but I just didn't love them enough to bite the bullet. I think the problem was that it was just too crowded to maneuver with a double stroller and I didn't have a list of things I wanted to look for other than jeans so it was a little bit of a frustrating experience. Next year I think I'll be more prepared and leave the kids at home.

My husband and I ventured over to Seattle Anthropologie because we all know finding something there is not that difficult and the store was pretty mellow with most shoppers across the street at the big sale.
Shoes!! I forgot this location carried shoes and I came upon the most gorgeous Miss Albright Plum colored suede with waffle textured pumps. *sigh* there were other beauties not currently on the website and a few boot options too. No shoes for me today since I've already gotten my fall/winter every day shoes and I try to only buy heels when I have a specific event/outfit in mind since they are not every day shoes for me. 

I had my eye on the yellow Heritage Raincoat since it appeared on the website a couple of weeks ago and since I've been on the hunt for a replacement raincoat for the one I'm currently using I've tried this jacket on already in the Vancouver store in size medium. I came very close to purchasing it the other day when I returned all of my last weeks purchases but I realized there was a huge price difference between what was online and what was in store. I think the Vancouver store has this jacket tagged at $350ish? Anyways, thankfully I remembered that the online price was closer to $300 (actually it's $288) so I figured I could just order it online at a later date and I refrained from purchasing in store. I hate to avoid making purchases in the Vancouver store since I really want the store to prosper so that they open more Anthro's in the lower mainland but that is just too steep of a price markup for me, especially when you factor in taxes. I've noticed though that although the regular merchandise in the Vancouver store is marked up from the website, the sale prices match the online prices so it's definitely worth your while to shop in store for those items. 

The Heritage Raincoat is exactly the type of jacket that I need living in Vancouver where it rains about 95%  of the year (including this weird summer we're having). Last winter I used a raincoat with an inner fleece liner for the entire winter instead of using a warmer down jacket and I was perfectly toasty and comfortable so I'm pretty confident this jacket will be perfectly appropriate for our usually mild winters. Especially since this jacket is roomy enough to allow for layers underneath. 

This British Millerain waxed cotton jacket is lined with a really soft brushed cotton that feels more like flannel. I love that this jacket is flexible and not stiff like most other rain appropriate jackets. I have a Lululemon Audrey  trench coat that I adore for it's style but what bothers me the most about it is that the outer fabric has little stretch and so loading the kids into the car (no attached garage :( ) on a rainy day is quite annoying as is driving with the jacket on. This jacket feels really nice on!! It's a bit on the very very roomy side throughout the torso and I can easily fit a thick sweater underneath it. I'm actually wearing a thin sweatshirt in this picture and it was still quite roomy. I would have loved to have sized down to a small but unfortunately the shoulders and upper arms were a bit too tight and would not have allowed me to layer much of a sweater underneath, although the body was still very roomy. I'm very happy with the fit of this jacket since it's sort of meant to be over sized and is nicely balanced with a large printed hood and a belt. The hood is quite huge but I find that ideal on a truly rainy day, especially when I don't have hands free to carry an umbrella. 

There are four pockets on the front with the lower two being quite deep and lined with the same flannely cotton as the inside of the jacket. The sleeves are lined with a silky polyester which I quite like because that helps to prevent your inner sweater sleeves from dragging and bunching across fabric. Left open the jacket is really huge but if you tie the sash around in the back it gives the waist of the jacket some definition. Also, I like that I can just tie the jacket closed with the front panels overlaping for a narrower fit if I don't use the zipper. 

All in all, this is a fantastic jacket for those of you living in rainy climates. Probably not worth full price if you don't see a lot of rain but for Vancouverites, a good rain appropriate jacket is a must have item. The style of this jacket really suites my day to day life of running around with my kids and it has a laid back, put together but not dressy vibe that I like. I like my wool coats for dressing up but for sherpa-ing around in the rain it's quite perfect and very well made. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Lemon Liftoff Blouse

I was so, sooooo excited that Vancouver Anthropologie got this blouse in this week (along with a lot of new release items) and when I saw it in stock in my size I was almost giddy to try it on. It is so beautiful in person and the silk has a slight sheen to it. however, I was majorly disappointed that my size 10 (I'm an 8/10 in most blouses). was too snug in the torso. I was able to put it on easily with the side zip undone but once on my middle felt hugged by the blouse to the point that I would  be afraid to bust a seam if I leaned over or touched my toes and the fabric has no stretch to it other then mechanical stretch and that really just isn't enough for a fitted silk blouse. I would probably have purchased this in the next size up except my store didn't have anything above a 10. Poo-Poo! As you can see in the photo below, the blouse is gorgeous (and my toddler was not having anymore shopping!). Wishlisted for another store visit.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sale Haul! And Waffling About the Settee Roses Skirt

So I had a bit of a stressful trip into Vancouver Anthropoligie today (unhappy children plus complicated transaction) to have my Heartseas Habotai Blouse price adjusted and in the end I did have the price adjustment honoured so I was able to purchase the Climate Control Cardi that went on sale today with the difference. I also picked up the Scratchboard Skirt to see if I liked it better then my Settee Rose Skirt I got the other day and I'm really sort of torn.

I really like the outfit with the Scratchboard Skirt but the quality of the skirt feels less substantial then other skirts of the same price. I'm actually really disappointed that the skirt doesn't have pockets. It also has a really strange construction with an inner liner only on the back half of the skirt, the front half of the skirt is two layers of printed fabric (sort of a faux wrap) and the second outer layer seems to be a bit longer then it should be and doesn't sit symmetrically. I think it's meant to not sit symmetrically and is part of the design but I still feel off kilter. The pull up waist is a little bit big in the large but I opted for the extra length of the large versus the medium. The elastic waist kind of looks like mens underwear but I think I like the casualness of it. I think I'm torn because I know this will go on sale...and probably because something better will come along. This will probably go back to the store and will be repurchased at sale time.

The Dotted Dashes top is just adorable! I saw it initially when I purchased the Settee Skirt but passed in favour of the Dorsal Tee. When I returned the Dorsal Tee I tried this one on and immediately fell in love with it. It looks so cute with this skirt, my Sailboat skirt and with jeans. Tucked into skirts it sort of has the look of the Readymade Dress with the boatneck and nautical red stripe/polka dot. I love that the background is raw white and not a sharp white. I experienced tear the tags off lust with this simple little tee and I'm glad I did because it works with a lot of items in my closet. And also I guess I seem to have a thing for polka dots on red and white or white on red. 

I'm very pleasantly surprised with the Climate Control Cardigan which I never bothered to try on at full price since the extra flap of fabric was a turn off. I've been on the hunt for a pretty/dressy cardigan for a while and thought that a yellow/chartreuse would be a good choice considering what I have in my closet already. Once I tried this one on today I was sold. It's a great fitting little cardigan and the bronze buttons really dress this up. The extra flap on this really doesn't stand out when you wear the cardi closed and when it's open it looks like any other basic shaped cardigan. 

I was surprised that the Dotted Dashes Tee worked well with this skirt tucked in. I think it's because the raw white background of the tee matches the raw white patches in the skirt. Adding the cardigan and the skinny belt is a bit much and I think I've decided that if I were to keep this skirt it would be a sandals only skirt which limits it to warm weather.  I think the boots really makes me look wider and stockier then I am so I'm almost certain I'm going to be returning this skirt as well. Oh well. If I'm not 100% sold on something or how it looks on me then it's best to send it back in favour of something I know immediately looks great on me, right? 

Oops, forgot to talk about this little belt. I got this in a large and it's slightly loose on me but I think the medium would have been too snug. I really, really love the belt though and I ended up choosing the dark blue after not being able to choose a color for the longest time. I could see the yellow, red and green ones being equally as useful in my closet but I settled on the blue simply because I'm favouring navy's lately and it looked really cute over this tee paired with jeans.