Friday, July 22, 2011

My Current Fall Lust List

I'm suffering from Anthro ADD at the moment and wish I could go on a fall shopping spree (since it's 16*c here at the moment and not really summer) so instead of actually shopping I'm just gazing at my wish list. Most of these items are not in my local store so my wish list may change once I get a chance to try some of these on. 

I tried this one on in the grey color last week in Seattle and I'm really not sure why I didn't buy it. I think I was hung up on my first impression of it on the website where I thought it was just sort of plain and boring. When I saw it in person I was surprised that it was a thin sweatshirt like material and had a really flattering fit. Perfect for me for fall - casual yet elegant.  It was lovely on but I passed on it and now I think I would love it in either orange (that's a branch out color for me) or the grey which really looks like a soft blue/pale purple. I just noticed this picture of it online today and it really shows how well this top hugs your curves in the right places. 

As much as I'd love to wear skirts all of the time, I know I just wont unless I'm going somewhere fancy. These pants really drew my attention because they're dressier then jeans...but can still be quite casual and effortless. I can wear them with my boots, flats or my heels. It's a bit of a pipe dream that these pants will look nice on me with this particular print or that they will fit me at all since I have quite athletic thighs and a curvy figure, both of which make pant shopping a pain. But I really waaaaant these to work on me. My store hasn't gotten them in yet and I'm quite anxious to try them on. 

This is such a great cardi. My friend got one the other day and it looks so Jacki O on her. The length is lovely, the fabric is lovely and I adore a 3/4 length sleeve on a cardigan. It looks perfect with pencil skirts and jeans. I'm drawn to the yellow since I'm a bit obsessed with the color lately but I think the grey would have more versatility in my closet. 

This was on my pipe dream wish list back in May and then I sort of put it out of my mind. Lately I'm obsessing with this dress again and very badly want it to go on markdown. I'm obsessing about how to pair colors with it and how to make it fall appropriate. I have no shoes to wear with this dress but I have a few occasions in the Fall that I will need a dress for so If it goes on sale, and I can satisfy myself that this is a versatile dress to style then I would love to have it. 

Beautiful blouse to wear with a pencil skirt or trousers. It's just stunning and so elegant. I can see wearing a blouse like this to a dinner party.  Although I'm visually really drawn to this top it doesn't have that comfortable effortless look that appeals to me so I wouldn't be tempted by this unless I have a very specific function it would be perfect for. 

This top is too adorable. I love a 3/4 sleeve over full length and the print is just too cute. I wonder how the print would look like on and if it would be obvious what the print is or if it just looks like smudged colors. 


  1. I love those checked pants (they'd look cute with the tsuru blouse...) and despite being happily surrounded by summertime heat, I'm starting to think of fall too!!

  2. Good call! I think the checked crops have the same color stripe in the pattern as the blouse.

    Thanks for reading :)