Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fit Review: Finely Feathered Tank, Seychelles Good Intention Wedges, Pollination Tank, Kanoko Striped Tank, Side Tucked Tee

Hello old friends, it's been quite a long while since I've updated this blog. I've had a few Anthro finds over the past few months (tees and stuff) but nothing really grand has caught my fancy until now. I've been lured back into the Anthro web with this gorgeous Finely Feathered Tank which I found on my trip to Portland last month but sadly the only size they had was a 10. I searched and searched every Anthropologie from Pearl District to Seattle and no other store had this tank in yet. Once I was back in town I called my local store but they also hadn't seen this tank so after a few days of obsessively looking at it online for reviews I decided to order it (still waiting for mine to arrive since it was out of stock). When I stopped in store today I finally saw it again in person and got to try my size on (12) as well as the 10 I'd tried on before. All of the sizes in stock had the exact same print distribution with the bird on the side and on the back. It was identical from tank to tank and yet completely different from the one shown online. I do still love this tank and truthfully I think I prefer the bird a little more inconspicuous. Hopefully the tank I get from my order will be as nice as this one or better as far as the print otherwise I'll exchange it for this one. I found it TTS, maybe a bit large in the armholes but otherwise the size down (10) was a touch too fitted. I adore this tank even though I've been luke warm about the peplum tank trend so far. Surprisingly I don't find the cut of this peplum unflattering to my pear shape, probably because it's cut longer in the back than the front and is broken up with a monochromatic graphic peplum. 
Left is my TTS 12 and the Right is the 10

Size 12

Roomy in the size 10. I liked this size. 
This is the other tank I saw in Portland and really loved but it's a bit pricier than I want to pay for it and I'm not sure the color/print will have longevity in my closet because of the bright colors. It was about $118 in store today so If I head back down to the states this summer I'll hopefully find this one marked down. I love the hot pink with the navy line drawn bees. 

Kanoko Striped Tank, Orange size L
This is another one I really liked today. The color is a super pretty peach and looks especially nice with my dark grey pants. The size I tried on, although I was thankful for the roominess in the tummy area,  was a touch too big in the arms. You'd definitely need to wear a racerback bra with this one. I'm wish listing this one in this size, I'd definitely get it on markdown. 

Side Tucked Tee, pink size L
This tee is really pretty and flattering from the front due to the ruching across the middle and the double layer of fabric on the bottom half (sort of a bubble hem) which you can adjust to hide mummy tummy. I really liked it from the front and wished the back had the same consideration but it's totally solid and single layered on the back so it showed a lot more flaws in the back (muffin top) than it does from the front. 

And lastly, my score today were these Good Intention T-Straps, from Seychelles that I'm wearing in the pictures. Someone had ordered them online and returned them to the store so as soon as I saw them I snatched them up without even checking the size first because for $49 I'm not going to hem and haw over them. Luckily they ended up being just my size so I kept a vice grip on these as I walked thru the store.  They are TTS (9) and the leather is butter soft. I'm not a heels wearer when I can help it but as I tried on all these tops I totally forgot I was wearing these shoes they were THAT comfortable. I really don't need a pair of shoes but these go with everything in my closet and they are really what the heck, why not elevate my closet with a new pair of 'fancy shoes' that I can wear with jeans, crops or skirts.