Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Anthro Markdown Tuesday!

This is the first week I've been disappointed at not seeing some of the items I had my heart set on buying today. How silly. It was such a good markdown with several items I've got on my wish list but because I had my heart set on 2 specific items I can't enjoy what was uploaded. Such a fickle creature I am. I was hoping the Backswept Dress would be marked down today so when I was up at 2am with my cranky 1 year old I decided to actually 'get up' and check online for it. I was also hoping to see the Readymade Dress but alas, this was not the week for me. 

Yesterday I was in at Vancouver Anthropologie briefly since I was in the neighborhood and I wanted to check and see if the Checked Crops were in for me to try on (nope, not yet). Since I was there I quickly checked thru the barrettes which I like to collect when they are marked down and I saw that they got the Asters Barrette in ($22 CAN/$18 online). I went to pay for it and the lovely SA told me they were ringing up at $9 so I grabbed a second one. I'm surprised they aren't marked down online today since I figured they were scanning for cheaper for that reason but I guess it may be a glitch? If your in store and had your eye on those it may be worth while getting it scanned to check the actual price on it. 

I really loved this skirt when I tried it on but not sure if I like the midi length on me. 

I haven't tried this one on yet but I'm a sucker for polka dots. If it's still in when I get a chance to go back to the store later this week then I may snatch it up. 

I really loved this top when it came online and my only poo-poo about it is that the neckline is cut in a way that shows bra straps. I'd probably get this if I see it in store later this week but I'm not so motivated to order online at the moment. 

I liked the look of this tank and the print on it but really didn't like the boxiness of it. I'd like to see how this looks belted or tucked in before I totally write it off. 


  1. Thanks for all the reviews and sale updates. I really like having a local fashion blogger to follow since I don't get a chance to head over to the Granville Anthro store much. It's nice to shop a bit vicariously through you.

  2. Thank you for reading :) I try to make it in to the store at least once per week. I do what I can for my dear readers ;p