Friday, July 15, 2011

Anthropologie Review: Heritage Raincoat (Come to me my pretty!!)

Today is the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so I decided to venture out to Seattle for a look see since this epic sale includes new season (pre fall) items and not last seasons (summer) leftovers.  Specifically I have skinny jeans on my needs list and some other fall bits and pieces that I'm keeping my eyes peeled for but sadly I think I was the only person today who came out of Nordy's without a big bag. I did see AG Stevies on for $100 and almost got them but I just didn't love them enough to bite the bullet. I think the problem was that it was just too crowded to maneuver with a double stroller and I didn't have a list of things I wanted to look for other than jeans so it was a little bit of a frustrating experience. Next year I think I'll be more prepared and leave the kids at home.

My husband and I ventured over to Seattle Anthropologie because we all know finding something there is not that difficult and the store was pretty mellow with most shoppers across the street at the big sale.
Shoes!! I forgot this location carried shoes and I came upon the most gorgeous Miss Albright Plum colored suede with waffle textured pumps. *sigh* there were other beauties not currently on the website and a few boot options too. No shoes for me today since I've already gotten my fall/winter every day shoes and I try to only buy heels when I have a specific event/outfit in mind since they are not every day shoes for me. 

I had my eye on the yellow Heritage Raincoat since it appeared on the website a couple of weeks ago and since I've been on the hunt for a replacement raincoat for the one I'm currently using I've tried this jacket on already in the Vancouver store in size medium. I came very close to purchasing it the other day when I returned all of my last weeks purchases but I realized there was a huge price difference between what was online and what was in store. I think the Vancouver store has this jacket tagged at $350ish? Anyways, thankfully I remembered that the online price was closer to $300 (actually it's $288) so I figured I could just order it online at a later date and I refrained from purchasing in store. I hate to avoid making purchases in the Vancouver store since I really want the store to prosper so that they open more Anthro's in the lower mainland but that is just too steep of a price markup for me, especially when you factor in taxes. I've noticed though that although the regular merchandise in the Vancouver store is marked up from the website, the sale prices match the online prices so it's definitely worth your while to shop in store for those items. 

The Heritage Raincoat is exactly the type of jacket that I need living in Vancouver where it rains about 95%  of the year (including this weird summer we're having). Last winter I used a raincoat with an inner fleece liner for the entire winter instead of using a warmer down jacket and I was perfectly toasty and comfortable so I'm pretty confident this jacket will be perfectly appropriate for our usually mild winters. Especially since this jacket is roomy enough to allow for layers underneath. 

This British Millerain waxed cotton jacket is lined with a really soft brushed cotton that feels more like flannel. I love that this jacket is flexible and not stiff like most other rain appropriate jackets. I have a Lululemon Audrey  trench coat that I adore for it's style but what bothers me the most about it is that the outer fabric has little stretch and so loading the kids into the car (no attached garage :( ) on a rainy day is quite annoying as is driving with the jacket on. This jacket feels really nice on!! It's a bit on the very very roomy side throughout the torso and I can easily fit a thick sweater underneath it. I'm actually wearing a thin sweatshirt in this picture and it was still quite roomy. I would have loved to have sized down to a small but unfortunately the shoulders and upper arms were a bit too tight and would not have allowed me to layer much of a sweater underneath, although the body was still very roomy. I'm very happy with the fit of this jacket since it's sort of meant to be over sized and is nicely balanced with a large printed hood and a belt. The hood is quite huge but I find that ideal on a truly rainy day, especially when I don't have hands free to carry an umbrella. 

There are four pockets on the front with the lower two being quite deep and lined with the same flannely cotton as the inside of the jacket. The sleeves are lined with a silky polyester which I quite like because that helps to prevent your inner sweater sleeves from dragging and bunching across fabric. Left open the jacket is really huge but if you tie the sash around in the back it gives the waist of the jacket some definition. Also, I like that I can just tie the jacket closed with the front panels overlaping for a narrower fit if I don't use the zipper. 

All in all, this is a fantastic jacket for those of you living in rainy climates. Probably not worth full price if you don't see a lot of rain but for Vancouverites, a good rain appropriate jacket is a must have item. The style of this jacket really suites my day to day life of running around with my kids and it has a laid back, put together but not dressy vibe that I like. I like my wool coats for dressing up but for sherpa-ing around in the rain it's quite perfect and very well made. 


  1. I wonder when those shoes will show up online. I am intrigued.

  2. Yes they were quite lovely in person. I think I need to come up with a special date night with my husband once those come out so that I have an excuse to have them on my wish list.