Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sale Haul! And Waffling About the Settee Roses Skirt

So I had a bit of a stressful trip into Vancouver Anthropoligie today (unhappy children plus complicated transaction) to have my Heartseas Habotai Blouse price adjusted and in the end I did have the price adjustment honoured so I was able to purchase the Climate Control Cardi that went on sale today with the difference. I also picked up the Scratchboard Skirt to see if I liked it better then my Settee Rose Skirt I got the other day and I'm really sort of torn.

I really like the outfit with the Scratchboard Skirt but the quality of the skirt feels less substantial then other skirts of the same price. I'm actually really disappointed that the skirt doesn't have pockets. It also has a really strange construction with an inner liner only on the back half of the skirt, the front half of the skirt is two layers of printed fabric (sort of a faux wrap) and the second outer layer seems to be a bit longer then it should be and doesn't sit symmetrically. I think it's meant to not sit symmetrically and is part of the design but I still feel off kilter. The pull up waist is a little bit big in the large but I opted for the extra length of the large versus the medium. The elastic waist kind of looks like mens underwear but I think I like the casualness of it. I think I'm torn because I know this will go on sale...and probably because something better will come along. This will probably go back to the store and will be repurchased at sale time.

The Dotted Dashes top is just adorable! I saw it initially when I purchased the Settee Skirt but passed in favour of the Dorsal Tee. When I returned the Dorsal Tee I tried this one on and immediately fell in love with it. It looks so cute with this skirt, my Sailboat skirt and with jeans. Tucked into skirts it sort of has the look of the Readymade Dress with the boatneck and nautical red stripe/polka dot. I love that the background is raw white and not a sharp white. I experienced tear the tags off lust with this simple little tee and I'm glad I did because it works with a lot of items in my closet. And also I guess I seem to have a thing for polka dots on red and white or white on red. 

I'm very pleasantly surprised with the Climate Control Cardigan which I never bothered to try on at full price since the extra flap of fabric was a turn off. I've been on the hunt for a pretty/dressy cardigan for a while and thought that a yellow/chartreuse would be a good choice considering what I have in my closet already. Once I tried this one on today I was sold. It's a great fitting little cardigan and the bronze buttons really dress this up. The extra flap on this really doesn't stand out when you wear the cardi closed and when it's open it looks like any other basic shaped cardigan. 

I was surprised that the Dotted Dashes Tee worked well with this skirt tucked in. I think it's because the raw white background of the tee matches the raw white patches in the skirt. Adding the cardigan and the skinny belt is a bit much and I think I've decided that if I were to keep this skirt it would be a sandals only skirt which limits it to warm weather.  I think the boots really makes me look wider and stockier then I am so I'm almost certain I'm going to be returning this skirt as well. Oh well. If I'm not 100% sold on something or how it looks on me then it's best to send it back in favour of something I know immediately looks great on me, right? 

Oops, forgot to talk about this little belt. I got this in a large and it's slightly loose on me but I think the medium would have been too snug. I really, really love the belt though and I ended up choosing the dark blue after not being able to choose a color for the longest time. I could see the yellow, red and green ones being equally as useful in my closet but I settled on the blue simply because I'm favouring navy's lately and it looked really cute over this tee paired with jeans. 

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