Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Anthro Markdown Tuesday!

Good morning all! What a fab markdown today, no? I guess I think it's fab because I have an item I love NWT that I get to have price adjusted (hopefully) and a few items that have been on my radar were marked down today. I'm in need of a pretty cardigan and there are two options today that I'm seriously considering.
I got this blouse a little while ago and for some reason have kept the tags on. It's partly because it's so pretty that I've been afraid to wear it,  but now once I get it price adjusted, with the sale price I may feel this is less precious and wear it with abandon. :)

I really like the Climate Control Cardi but have held back because I'm not so sure I like the extra flap of fabric at the neckline. At the sale price I don't mind it at all. What I love about this cardi are the gorgeous colors it comes in as well as the brass buttons on it. I'm having a hard time choosing which color would best work in my closet but I'm sort of leaning towards the yellow...but I'm quite attracted to the blue as well. 

I like this cardigan but wish it wasn't so snug fitting. I would size up to a large in this but I'm just not totally sure I'd want to always wear this buttoned up and the style of this cardigan really looks best buttoned up. 

I almost purchased this belt a while back but decided not to in favour of something else. I like that this is such a comfortable and un restricting belt to wear over dresses. Sometimes wide leather belts feel like your wearing a corset so I like the crochet portion of this belt. 

I've had my eye on these for a while now. I haven't tried them on yet but I love them as lounge pants and I'm sure if they're in store when I'm next in I wont resist them. 

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  1. I tried the Clean Sweep Crops today and fell in love with them! They run quite large so I was able to size down. Loved the look of cinching the drawstrings on the pant leg hems, thought it was a cute effect. Tried it on with a grey NY tee and bought the whole outfit! They had a couple of the crops left at the Granville store, if interested.