Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fit Report: Sailboat Skirt & Monarch Skirt

I had a really successful trip down to Vancouver Anthropolgie to price adjust my To The Flea Market Crops that I had purchased this past weekend (and love!) only to see them marked down this morning. Anthropologie, your generous return policy and exceptional customer service has given you my undying devotion. Things I love about anthro besides the clothing: will hold items and do charge sends, process returns from US to Canada and Website to store, generous return period and price adjustments on sale items. I had the most wonderful SA deal with my return today and she was so patient with me and my screeching and yelling 1 year old. Maybe you were in the store at the same time I was today? If so you know exactly who I am based on how loud and horribly behaved my child was. I'm so sorry for your ears. Good thing she's pretty cute otherwise. 

With merchandise credit in hand I set off to try on the Odille's Sailboat Skirt in a size 8 and 10. The 8 fit well however the very top of the waist was slightly snugger then I was comfortable with and despite the fact that I'm on a weight loss track I was more comfortable committing to the 10 so that I can wear this comfortably right away AND eat a large meal if I feel like it. . As I lose weight I think the 10 will still wear well and just sit lower. I initially was a bit worried about pairing tops and shoes with this skirt because I'm so fashion retarded. Seeing it paired with an orange tank on the website made me feel a bit more daring in trying it on with something other than white. I loved it paired with my blue Winners Circle Tee and also didn't mind it with the soft lilac of the Expanding Horizons Tank. I absolutely love the way the direction of the sails plays on the movement of the skirt and how casually cute this skirt is. It's soft cotton, has hidden pockets and is comfortable enough for me, someone who cannot stand finicky, scratchy and stiff clothing. Hence my tendency towards stretchy clothes. This skirt is a major win. 

I mentioned in today's earlier post that I had spotted the Monarch Skirt on sale in store during opening weekend and then when I went back for it (once I'd read a few blog reviews) it was no longer in the markdown room. Today I happened across it again and tried it on in the only size 10 (other sizes available were 4 and 6). This was another pattern I was worried about how to match with other colors. As soon as I saw how easily it paired with the blue I figured there were tons of colors that would work with this and I imagined how pretty soft lilac would look next to the lemon yellow of the butterflies on the print. Now imagine it with the Lemon Stick Wedges. The yoke banded waist is a really pretty detail and the skirt has the same soft cotton, casual hidden pocket feel as the sailboat skirt so I decided two skirts today would bring me out of my too casual rut

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