Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm Falling In Love With You Anthro!!

I've been like a kid in a candy shop since Anthropologie opened in Vancouver and have really enjoyed 'studying up' on what's currently available in stores. It's so much more enticing now since what I see online and what I read about in blogs is a mere 30 minute drive away as apposed to a 3 hour drive or hefty shipping and duties fee online. Although now I feel like to complete my Anthropologie experience fully I must hurry up and sign up for US Shipping with Hagens of Blaine. It's so dirt cheap and I really don't know why I haven't used the services before but now I feel I must. Oh please Anthro, would you please, please make online ordering easier for us Canadians? We love you and want to give you our wallets for your pretty, pretty clothes.

What's even better then Anthro coming to Vancouver is that for once, my husband is indulging me my shopping habits. No, he doesn't want me spending more money then I should be, but he's happy to encourage me out of my mom wear and has been really complimenting me on my latest  Anthro purchases. As a stay at home mom of two children I've really not had a need for 'fancy' dress clothes so I like many other moms have fallen back on lounge wear. Now I'm really interested in something different. I still want comfort, but I want pretty and pulled together. I want to wear a gorgeous dress out to an aniversary dinner instead of searching my closet for appropriate dress slacks and a non descript blouse purchased two years ago at Banana Republic. Don't get me wrong, I love my casual and athletic wear. It's gotten me thru rough days with the kids and marathon training and getting back to pre pregnancy weight. But now I'm ready to rediscover my style and dress like a lady. Maybe I still wont wear my 'fancy pulled together outfits' anywhere but the grocery store on some days...but at least I can share my style with you guys and feel really pretty in what I'm wearing.

These are the items catching my eye lately. Complete with one lust item that I keep picking up in store to admire but have not had time to try it on. Now I'm kicking myself hard because I'm in full blow lust over it.

Expanding Horizons Tank
This is such a pretty, pretty color with such feminine detailing. I tried it on and loved all of the ruching over the bust, gather details and the ruffled neckline. My one bone to pick with it though is that it's quite clingy around my midsection and so to wear it casually with jeans I'd have to accept the fact that muffin top will be apparent. If I wear it with my crops, shorts, skirts or pretty much anything other then jeans this is not an issue. I sized up to an L in this which was surprising for a Deletta top. Usually I'm a medium with room to spare. 

Backswept Dress $268
I adore this dress in every picture I have seen. I love the feminine yet modest neckline and the color combinations. I fear the print and bold color contrast will be to loud on me but I would love to try this one on and be proven wrong. The cut of the dress is a style that I would feel quite comfortable in for many occasions. I'm in search of a dress for my wedding anniversary dinner as well as another function and so I'll be trying on dresses for fit reviews in the very near future.

This dress really intrigues me. It's casual yet quite sexy without being too revealing. It really reminds me of Flamenco dancers casually practicing there dance moves in less formal Flamenco dresses. 

Mystery Odile Skirt $88
And this is the current object of my desires. I've seen this skirt 3 times now in person and have not had the chance to try it on. And I pass on it because really, I have no occasion to wear this skirt. Would it be silly to wear this skirt to run errands or take the kids to the playground? It has pockets and I really love a skirt with well built pockets. Ok, well maybe I can just buy this dress and plan outings around it. Like Sunday brunch or a movie date with my husband. 

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