Sunday, May 15, 2011

Anthropologie Vancouver Private Event

Last night, my sister and I went to the Anthropologie Vancouver grand opening private event which included music by Nat Jay and T. Nile and some lovely munchies and wine. It was so nice to finally be able to browse the store in a much calmer manner then on opening day, and although the store was busy with 100 guests, it was no where near chaotic and there was staff aplenty to keep things running smoothly.

The event started at 8pm sharp and we quickly collected items to try on using shopping baskets provided by the store. Our first round of collecting and admiring took about 40 minutes but most of everything was rejected in the fitting rooms. Both of us were having a bloaty day and we were not feeling the love with anything we tried on. We took a break to get some snacks and water, pork gioza, indian chickpea balls (Besan Laddu?) veggies and dressing, fried tofu cubes with sesame and teriyake sauce. All were quite yummy. Once we had our energy back and had even fuller tummies then before we grabbed some more items to try on but this time we grabbed items we thought were totally not our style, just for fun.

I grabbed the Gerbera Shorts to try on since I have a  bit of a shorts phobia. I have trouble fitting a lot of shorts because the rise is never quite right on me, they are too short, or they are made for less curvier hippy figures. Banana Republic seems to be the only place I can have much luck with shorts. I also thought the print on these shorts was busier then I would normally choose but when I tried them on I was in love. They fit perfectly and have just the right amount of subtle flare to flatter athletic thighs and they are a really nice length. The print was totally adorable on and for some reason they reminded me of the Elvis movie Blue Hawaii. I didn't buy them this time but if I see them on markdown, even at first cut reduction I would likely snatch them up if it's the right time in the season for me to make such a purchase.

Neither of us made purchases yesterday but I did return a few of my friday purchases (Loosened Shelby Blouse and Drapey Bubble Tee) my sister tried on the Drapey Bubble tee I had purchased and she had the exact same fit issues that I had. Banded hem sat too high on her and the drapes pulled to the side awkwardly.

We left at 9:30 and were thoroughly tired (as mommies tend to be at this early hour). We had a really fun evening and were already making plans for our next shopping trip at Anthro. I'm hoping to get to Anthro Seattle next month to pick up some of the hair accessories I liked here but are much cheaper in the US, especially when you factor in the exchange which is currently in our favour. I do love our new Vancouver Anthropolgie and love the space so I will make this a very regular stop on my shopping rotation but Seattle will not be neglected, I'll just be able to shop the store with a better eye for what's new.

Gerbera Shorts CAN $88, website price $78

Video clip taken in store.  Music by Nat Jay 

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