Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Haul On Opening Day

I adore this top. It looks like such a simple little  tee when you first glance at it folded on the table but it has some miracle gathering at the sides, draping across the tummy and three buttons in the back to accentuate the waist. I picked this top up because I love the retro whimsical red polka dot look but it turns out this little tee is so much more clever then color and print. Keeper!!

Once again, I was attracted to this top because of the color. The color is a splendid cornflower blue with pretty flower details on the scoop neck. When I tried it on I was once again impressed at how easy fitting Anthropologie clothing are for curvy figures and the little details that make it so. The front hem of this top is shorter then the back and the top flares out in an a-line. I'm not sure the silhouette of this top works well with the pants  I purchased (see pictures below) but I do love it with my jeans and possibly a pair of White shorts. Keeper!

I instantly loved this top. Lately I've been attracted to soft yellow so when I saw a nice summer blouse with a pretty lemon print I grabbed it in two sizes and headed to the fitting room. I did go home with it but now I'm having second thoughts. The size 8 is just really big on me and it only seems to look good while tucked in (and I never ever tuck my shirts in). Is the print a little too retro?? Something about the sleeves I'm not totally loving. I'm torn with this one, while I love it and love the idea of it I'm just not sure how much I will use it or how timeless it will be in my closet. Return?

I tried this top on in a medium in the dark grey color and loved the idea of it. The Medium was a bit too tight at the cuffed hem and it felt too short on me sitting at my waist.  I grabbed the Ivory in a large and took it home without trying it on because of the long fitting room lineup. The large also has a slightly uncomfortable fit with the gathers pulling to the sides, still slightly shorter then I prefer and complicated to put on with delicate fabric because of the inner attached tank. I'm going to return this one but I want to try on the large in a different color and see if there is a discrepancy in fit with this top and hopefully another large will fit me better. The large fits fine enough but not totally ideal. It's a matter of it being ill fitting on me and not so much the wrong size I think. 

I couldn't find a web image of these crops but I really liked them. I need to have them hemmed at a more flattering length for my short 5'4 frame with short legs but I'm not decided yet how short I want them to be. They are a dark grey cotton linen and I foresee myself wearing these a lot with more form fitting tops during the summer months. If only I had a nice pair of chunky wedge heels to wear with them. I was sad to not see my coveted Lemon Stick Wedges. I need to find out what Canadian Anthropoligie carries these shoes and then I may be able to do a charge send to the Vancouver location

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