Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I've Been Reaaaal Bad!

Yesterday I was combing thru ebay (cheaper shipping rates and american prices) in search of these Lemon Stick Wedges that I have been literally fantasizing about daily since they first appeared on the website. My ebay search was totally fruitless except that I saw plenty of Primped and Pebbled Boots that were my Fall/Winter obsession and 'ones that got away'. I really hope that come Fall when I'm ready to order some boots I can still find these on ebay in brand new condition. I love them dearly. Seeing them on ebay though reminded me of the disappointment of not getting them when I had the chance and the need for them and so I decided to bite the bullet and order these lovelies finally. I'm so glad that I did because I would have been so mad at myself once they sold out and I have not seen a single pair of wedge sandals that I've liked even a little bit in comparison with these. I tried having my friend pick up a pair for me at her local store in the US but sadly they were all sold out except online. My new wedges should arrive in 7-10 business days unless it gets held up at customs, or the Canada Post strike affects my mail deliver. I hope these come in UPS or FedEx.
Fresh off the shopping high of these shoes my husband declared to me last night that he would take a day off on Friday so that we could go to Seattle for some shopping What a good husband! He realizes this means the main destination will be both Anthropologies but he's still fine with that. He enjoys going on road trips even when it means I'll be shopping while he stands around outside with one or both children. 
I'd like to try this dress on on Friday. I love the pleated bubble hem in the back and I love how loose fitting and summery this dress is. I'm in the market for a semi casual summer dress since I passed on this multi way one from Lululemon. I decided I think I want something a little fancier but still casual for that price ($88). I don't really *need* anything else on from Anthropolgie but I'm sure I'll find something. I'll make sure and post all about that trip and take plenty of pictures in store (love that anthro doesn't bat an eye at customers taking photos!) Anthro shopping is so much more fun now that I know what's in stores and what's current thanks to the new Vancouver Anthropolgie


  1. I loooove those Lemon Stick Wedges! Please post up some pics when you get them. Would love to see how they look on! They're Miss Albright, right? I'm a big fan.

  2. I sure will partake in some shoe porn :) I love Miss Albright too!