Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy Anthro Markdown Tuesday! + Store Report: Checked Crops, Starred Entry Tee, Across The Lands Dress (Green Motif)

I stopped in at Vancouver Anthropologie today to pick up the Readymade Dress which has been on my wish list ever since I tried it on on a whim. I'm a bit disappointed at the sale price since I expected it would probably get marked down to about $59 since It's marked down to the same price as the Reflecting Pools Dress which is originally priced at $10 more then the Readymade dress. Not a huge deal, I was just hoping for a lower price today. I'm just glad the sale prices in Vancouver are the same as online. 
Shoes in store again today. Oooh I wish they would carry the entire selection of Anthro shoes, especially Miss Albright. 

So as I said, I tried the Readymade dress on before (over here) and was really impressed with the fit. I'm still hesitating on keeping it or not because the style is restricted to just summer and $69 is steep for a seasonal dress. Also, I have the Sailboat Skirt and it seems like having two nautical themed outfits is a little much..but I do love it. And, I'm not sure how I feel about the Chambray. Will it be too dated by next year? The fit is really flattering on me since it makes me really long torso seem shorter and my really short legs seem longer. I also really like how simple and comfortable this dress is. It sort of feels as comfortable as wearing sweats. Probably a keeper although I need to mull over if I want to hold out for second cut. 

 I decided to try it on with the Starred Entry Tee just to see if I can fall this dress up and I think it's possible although the way this top clings around my middle and where the top of the skirt sits I think this look needs to be belted. 

I LOVE this dress in this colorway. It's a funny way to do up a dress with eye hooks down the sides and at the neckline. It makes this really a wrap dress without a sash. I'm not sure I love how big the peep hole is at the bust.. I felt a bit exposed and would probably wear a black bandeau bra underneath to shorten the cleavage exposure but otherwise the dress was perfect. I really love the print and color in this dress. It's quite fall but can be worn in summer or spring as well. It's a size 10 and felt quite comfortable and roomy so I'd stick with this size. Wish listed for markdown or possible full price purchase if a dressy function pops up. 

My store finally got the Checked Crops in today (after I've ordered online). I really like the fabric in these pants. I was initially sceptical that I would like the fabric since it's polyester but it's a really soft, thick and brushed fabric and totally not itchy. The crops, as you can see, are really pant length on me. This is just fine by me since I plan on wearing this mostly with my boots or with my flats and if I wear it with chunky heels I can roll the cuff higher. The fit on these pants are a bit big and higher rise. I tried these on in a size down from my usual (12 in most pants) since they didn't have my size in. I'm going to stick with my true size since I think I need the baggier fit over my athletic thighs to prevent the pattern from distorting and just so it drapes a bit better in my upper thighs and butt. If you have narrower hips then me I would suggest sizing down in these as all the SA's in my store have tried them on and preferred the size down. If the one I ordered fits not too much roomier then these ones then I will keep them, if there is a big difference in size I will return and wait for markdown for this size. 

The Starred Entry Tee I have really mixed feelings about. I really love the orange and the grey colorway but unfortunately they really cling to my muffin top and highlight it. The Blue colorway seemed to disguise my problem areas more and was a bit better balanced on me then the others so I brought it home to think about. This is a large and I take a medium or large in most tops. I think there is not a lot of difference in fit in this shirt between medium and large but I got the large for the bit of extra length in the torso so that I could bunch it up a bit around the middle to hide my tummy. I also think that the horizontal seam across the front may be a problem for some depending on bust size and where it lays on you. May be returning this top and waiting for markdown. 


  1. I love the Across the Land dress on you. It looks great! I was really excited to see the new green pattern.

  2. Thank you, I really loved it. I probably would have purchased it if it weren't for the exposed cleavage. Must try on with a cami underneath.

    thanks so much for reading my blog. I check yours out all of the time and am now obsessed with your purse.