Thursday, May 26, 2011

Store Report & A Fit Review

I returned my Tippi Dress today after coming to the realization that she really was just a trophy dress and although I loved that dress dearly and admired it in every other picture I have seen of it, it just did my hips and shape no favours. Why spend that money on a dress from a store that has so many other figure flattering items for me instead? 

With a tear still in my eye I decided I wanted to try on The Gathering Tank as part of my exchange. I'm in need of a neutral dressy tee to wear tucked into my new skirts (Sailboat Skirt and Monarch Skirt) and that I can wear casually as well with my jeans.  I'd glanced at and moved on from this tee before but I've seen a few images of it this week and and it's so flattering to the collar bone area and frames the face so beautifully that I decided I wanted to try it on myself. I found the last medium in store today and all that was left was small and extra small. The Medium fit me well and the white was slightly sheer but in a very lovely way. As long as you wear a nude and pretty bra underneath it wont look too scandalous. The material is textured so it really adds an extra layer of interest to a white tee. It was really very flattering on me without clinging to my tummy and it was much more then just a a basic tee so I grabbed it and decided to check for more colors. Vancouver Anthropologie only had pink in stock in addition to the white so I bit the bullet online (shipping to Blaine was $6.95) and got the Grey which is so lovely. I very rarely do black so greys and navy's are my go too dark neutrals. I was also interested in the Lilac but I have another Lilac top and liked the versatility of grey and white. It's really silly how excited I am about this top but it really is so ridiculously flattering on. 

Nostalgic Asterisks Dress on sale for $79.95
For fun today I decided that since the kids were cooperating I would try on the size 10  Nostalgic Asterisks Dress that finally got marked down at my store. Earlier in the week it was at full price but today there was a big rack of them in several sizes marked to $79. I really liked this dress once it was on, the color was a lot nicer on me then I expected it to be. My main issue was it was a hard dress to zip up with a tiny side zip zipper and varying fabric lumps to go over to get to the top. The bodice is made of ribbed elastic fabric in the back and once the zipper gets to that portion you need to pull the fabric in very close together and zip slowly all the way up. Once on the dress was comfortable but the ribbed elastic material in the back kept giving me a weird lumpy shape where it buckled depending on how I moved. Very pretty dress, I just didn't love it on me. I wasn't too heartbroken though since I had no intention of bringing her home with me. 

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