Monday, May 23, 2011

Tippi Dress: Is She Just A Trophy Dress For Me?

I just finished reading Consume or Consumed blog post about the Tippi Dress I scored on Tag Sale markdown this past weekend. I'm still undecided if I like how the dress fits me. I love the dress itself, love the style, color and print but I just don't love how it catches at my hips. Initially I thought I'd like it over leggings but after trying it on I really don't like it that way. I'll probably end up keeping the dress as my first ever tag sale trophy piece or also to wear around in a very casual way in the very hot summer months. Any thoughts on this dress? Strong feelings either way?


  1. try wearing with a belt, not too wide or too skinny

  2. I love the print on this dress. So whimsical and eerie, in a way. The cut of of the dress wasn't that great on my, but I would probably still buy it if it went on second cut. I think I like the print so much I would find a way to make it work. I think i would wear it with leggings, as you noted, and flip flops in the warmer months.

  3. I think it looks fantastic on you in all the photos and I especially love it with leggings! Thank you for the link love, btw!

  4. @Lena, thanks for the tip! I'll try that.
    @Miss Mimoko I think I need to try it on with shorter and thiner leggings. These ones just weren't right.
    @Jesspgh, thanks so much for checking out my blog! I was so excited to read your post about the Tippi and loved how much thought you put into it. It's exactly the thoughtfulness I love about this dress.