Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tag Sale Picks

My eye is always drawn to this dress when I walk in the store but I don't love the color on me so It's still a pass for me. Maybe if it goes to further markdown I will reconsider it. 

Monarch Skirt $39..was $78
When I was at Anthropologie on opening day and then at the opening party, this skirt was hanging out in the sales room for $39 in several sizes. I admired it and for some reason didn't try it on. I later read great reviews of this skirt and went back to see if I could find one and they were sadly all gone so I never did get to try it on. 

I purchased these at full price this past weekend (I'm an anthro newb!) and I don't feel bad because I've worn them now and am totally in love with them as my summer crops. I'm tempted to get a second pair but that would be very silly. I'll attempt to get a price adjustment on them (would anthro do that?) and if not I hope they come out with more shorts in this exact cut but different colors/patterns. 

Las Ramblas Shorts $89..was $148
I really love these shorts. I haven't seen them in person to try them on but I think the original price is totally outrageous. I still wont bite at the $89 price but if they are lowered further I would be tempted. I really love that it's a neutral tie dye and the relaxed cut of the shorts. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of these in the summer. 

Tea Rose Wallet $59..was$118
I'm in need of a new wallet. Desperate need. I noticed this lovely on opening day and was turned off by the $118 price tag on it, although it is very supple leather and I know good leather is worth that much. I then saw it on sale on Sunday at about $79 and was slightly tempted. $59 is an excellent price. I'm still cheap though and so I'm not jumping just yet. Maybe when I'm next in store if it's at this price or lower I will feel powerless against the temptation. Or probably more like I didn't find anything else that day to purchase so I bite the bullet on the less fun purchase of a wallet. 

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