Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fit Reviews: Dresses, a Skirt and Blouse

I'm so sorry about the poor quality photos in this review. I recently got an iphone and haven't used the camera a lot since I got it and so I'll be working on improving my blog pictures for you for next time. I got an unexpected chance to stop in at Anthro today (while the kids napped in the car with the husband) to see if they got in Leaf Filigree Tank (nope!) and to see if they had anything else new in (yup!). I wish I had more time today to explore but alas, I had presciouse time to try on a few dresses. I noticed on my way out that they did have the Sky Stories Dress and a few other things I would have liked to try on. And I ended up added some items on to my Lust List which happens to also be my 'waiting for markdown' list
Oblique Blooms Dress by Zehavale $298
I tried on this Olbique Blooms Dress more for fun then anything else since I don't see myself needing such a fancy dress for any special occasion in the near future and the price is more then I would pay for informal use. I was drawn to it because it was such a pretty, silky yet lightweight lace dress. It had such a soft and unusual feel that I knew even though the color was all wrong for me and I had no intentions of buying it I just needed to try it on.  The fit was pretty horrible on me in the 10.  The bust portion was just way too big on me and would never stay up without straps. I was really surprised for the price of this dress that it didn't include removable straps. Ok I'm just now reading that it did but I didn't see any with this dress.  Their is a pretty floral print in the fabric beneath the lace on the bust and the zipper is heavy duty and matches the champaign gold of the dress. It was a fun dress to try on but there was no love lost that it didn't work out for me. 

Gull Wings Dress Girls From Savoy's $168
This was another dress that I tried on on a lark. I do love this dress, love the print (as well as the other colorways available) and would probably wear this dress on a night out that requires more 'bombshell' less 'sweet'. My only issue with it is that I'm sure my mom had a dress similar in style to this one in the late 70's (which I loved) but that makes this one feel a bit costumey for me. The size 10 fit well and was really comfortable and lightweight. I love the black contrasted edges on this patterned version and I think it really draws your eyes upwards towards your neckline and framing the face. This dress would have to be worn without a bra or with a really clever strapless bra neither of which are options I like. 

Night-And-Day Dress Girls From Savoy's 
This was my favourite dress to try on today and in fact I put it on hold. Is it likely to go on markdown a week after it's store arrival? I loved the simplicity of the bodice and the straps fit well without being too long. The cotton has a lovely weight and softness that lets it drape beautifully. The style really reminds me of vacationing in Spain and I can see myself wearing this to something as casual as a Saturday night at Kino Cafe Flamenco Bar.

This was my other favourite today and I ended up putting this one on hold as well. Although I think since I've got two skirts already I will pass on this one until it is marked down to around the $40 range or less. It's a much lovelier pattern once it's on then it appeared just sitting on the hanger and even how it's photographed. I was initially worried that it was too 'grandma drapery' of a pattern but the gold tones in this skirt were so flattering on and contrasted nicely with the blues and corals of the flowers.  You almost see the colors more then you see the print. The length and fullness of this single layer silk skirt looked perfect with my red flats but would look even prettier with a nice wedge heel for a garden party. I love that so many of Anthro's skirts have pockets in them, even a silk skirt like this one. I probably wouldn't put anything in this pocket since it's silk except maybe a tissue but it's nice to have somewhere to put your hands for that laid back appearance. 

As you can see, I'm quite short and have short stocky legs so a blouse in this shape doesn't flatter me very much. But I loved the flower print in yellow tones so much and the clashing contrast ribbon as well as the lace that I had to try it on anyways. I wonder if this would look better on me sized down from medium or even tucked in. I think it would look so good with white linen shorts and some chunky wedges. I need to try this one on again because I passed on it today but feel sad that it was left behind. I feel like I need to give it another chance. 

And that concludes todays reviews which have made me really realize how much fun it is to try on pretty dresses.  Seriously, trying on dresses today for 10-20 minutes without the kids in the dressing room with me was the highlight of my day. I think the only thing that could have made it better was a) having endless funds that allow me to bring home anything I liked and b) having more time to browse around and try more things on. Anthropologie has to be the funnest place on earth to go shopping. I really hope I get more invites to the private events so that I can bring my sister and best friend with me for some more kid free shopping good times. 


  1. Night and Day looks AMAZING on you! And how fabulous is it to be able to put things on hold? :) I also went to Anthro yesterday but sadly left empty handed. I tried on that Tiny top but it wa just as you described - short and boxy. SO pretty on the hanger though. The tag sale was really picked over. Looking forward to what they get in!

  2. Thank you!!! I felt really good in that dress. I love LOVE that Anthro lets you put items on hold. I wasn't ready to take the plunge yesterday but I think I will make room in my closet for it and go back on tuesday to bring her home with me.

  3. The Night and Day dress is really beautiful on you. I doubt it will go on sale quite this soon, but we can hope! I like the Gull Wing a lot, too, but the bra dilemma is frustrating.