Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Do We See A Pattern Emerging?

I just got my Lemon Stick Wedges in the mail today, bright and early and ready for our playdate in which wearing these shoes would be considered totally overdressed. But who cares. I like my shoes and I want to wear them in. My love affair with butter yellow shoes started last year with these adorable See Kai Run Mary Janes I got for my then two year old. These shoes have been worn to hell but I'm keeping them for when my one year old can also wear them unless I can find them again brand new. This is the joy of having two daughters. This right here, wearing matching shoes with a three year old that has painted toenails in 'you don't know jaques' by OPI.  I'll write a review of my Lemon Stick Wedges later today but for now I can tell you I am in love with them. 


  1. Stop the insanity! I now need both those shoes-for me and for my 2 year old! lol!

  2. hahaha aren't they the cutest? And the See Kai Runs are the same butter soft leather so they are super comfy.