Wednesday, May 25, 2011

June 2011 Catalogue Lust List

I really love the look of this dress but there are two details that I'm hung up on. I wish it had thin straps and also, the bust portion I wish was not a bustier with visible cups. I hate the bustier look and wish it was just a plain strait across cut. The things I love are the skirt and it's color paired with the Ivory lace bodice.

This one intrigues me for the colors. Also, how cute is the little skirt the little girl is wearing with contrasted dark green knickers underneath.

I tried this top on after admiring it on a SA and although I really liked how it looked on it felt heavy and not soft enough for warm summer months. It sort of felt like a stiff table cloth fabric. I wonder if perhaps after a few washes (but it's dry clean only?) it would relax a bit and become softer. I'm short and have short legs with a long torso so I don't think the length and fullness of this top did me favours but non the less it still looked quite lovely on. I can't remember what size I tried on but I seem to recall it was TTS, meaning no big surprise.  My main hangup was the feel of the fabric.

I mentioned in an earlier post that this top is on my lust list but I wanted to mention for you Vancouverites that I called in to the store and they did not yet have this top in but do expect it in at some point. I'll hold off on ordering online and maybe call in again on Friday. Did you notice the model is wearing the Sailboat Skirt on the reverse darker side (printed side of the fabric) with no visible buttons? I just checked my skirt and you can't reverse it to the other side because of the pockets. I wonder if this one was either specially made for the photo shoot or if it's simply an over saturated picture with the buttons removed to stream line the picture. 

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