Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Anthropolgie Vancouver Grand Opening Recap

Anna, the author of this lovely blog called simplystylishmom contacted me to share her post about the Vancouver Anthropologie Grand Opening Party and some of her pictures. I love getting to know other local Vancouver Anthropologie bloggers so was so glad to get her email today. Two pictures from her post stood right out for me. First, the display of Odille's Sailboat Skirt on the magazine wall with nautical themed pictures. Every time I've gone into the store since opening day I'm drawn to this corner like a magnet. I'm not quite sure why it never occurred to me to photograph it...maybe I was too busy gawking. There is so much visual interest in Anthropologie stores without being too busy. It's like a fine collectors (not a hoarder) curio cupboard. 
The second image that drew me in was the Kingston Road Dress. I'd seen this dress on opening night but didn't get a chance to try it on since it was not my size. I did touch it and pet it gingerly and decided it was definitely try on worthy if it had been in my size. The fabric was pleasantly soft and textured. I think it looks fantastic on her. 
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