Monday, June 13, 2011

Seattle Anthropologie Sale Haul + Fitting Room Reviews

Well I came home from Seattle with quite the haul this weekend but in my defence part of what I brought back was the markdown purchases I made online a few weeks ago that I had sent to Hagen's of Blaine, one was an exchange purchase and I also had my birthday discount so actually my total spent in Seattle was $35. Amazing. Husband was very impressed and really likes the clothes I brought back. Except for the Stretch Tulip Belt. He doesn't get the wide belt worn up high trend and thought it looked like I was wearing a bra on the outside of my clothes.  There was no Meyer Meringue Dress in either of the Seattle stores this weekend so that took care of the temptation and made the Longwing Pullover a no brainer purchase. There was no way I was coming back with both the dress and the sweater and I know the sweater will have a lot more use in my closet then the dress would have. Please pardon my pictures today, I would have preferred to have worn my jeans or leaner fitting pants for most of these items but ALL of my pants but these are in the laundry today. 

Cropped Culottes size 31 (hemmed), Stretched Tulip Belt size L
I am in total LOVE with the Longwing Pullover. I had a few styling tips from an SE who confirmed this would look great belted and that to be brought into a Fall wardrobe I could wear a cropped blazer overtop or perhaps a sweater jacket if the sleeves don't bunch up underneath too obviously. I get really warm in the Fall and Winter with indoor heating and much prefer lighter layers anyways so I'm pretty sure I will be able to bring this into the cooler months. When I saw this pullover in store the first time I had just tried on the Lunar Cycles Top and passed on it because it was too startchy feeling and heavy. My initial reaction to the Longwing Pullover was 'awe, too bad it's not the Lunar Cycles Top in this soft knit. I don't like the peach'. When I finally got around to trying it on last week I decided I really do love the color on me and it would have been a lot less striking in white. The Lacey Turing Cami was a great bargain at $19.95 less 25% off (about what I want to spend on a cami). I exchanged my size 10 Heartsease blouse for the Longwing Pullover and purchased the Green Gathering Tank and Lacey Turning Cami for about $35 once my Anthro birthday discount was added in to the order. Yippee!!

The Gathering Tank Green and Grey Size L
I wanted the Gathering Tank in Green to see how it would look with my Monarch Skirt (also a markdown purchase) and I think I really like it. I wouldn't normally pair such a bold color with a printed skirt that doesn't contain the same color. I'm not really good at putting unconventional colors together but I think this works somehow. It looks nice to my eyes at least but if you think it looks ridiculous please let me know.  
I also really like the grey Gathering Tank. It's a warm dark grey that in certain lights has a mauvy undertone. This one will be a staple neutral in my wardrobe and will go with many things. With the Monarch Skirt I think it really subdues the whole look. I like the tee belted I think. I'm a bit undecided about the Stretch Tulip Belt though. I really like it but with my husbands comment about the belted look in general and since I'm not used to wearing belts like this I feel a bit silly. I either have to get over that or decide I'm never going to wear the belt and return it. 

I also got the Cinchona Cardigan on markdown for I think $19.95 and I really like it paired with jeans and narrower pants. It's a boyfriend fit cardi so it's quite slouchy. I got it in a size small and it's still baggy in the arms and body. I like this worn open and I thought I'd like it belted but this belt really doesn't work well with it, nor do these pants. It's a cardi that I like for the price I paid but I think I'm a bit limited with what I can pair with it so I wouldn't have purchased it for any more then the sale price. It's the main attraction to an outfit so it's not the type of cardigan I can just throw overtop of a dress or skirt/top combo to finish it off. 

The Cropped Cullotes were the pants I got on opening day (over here, unhemmed version) in Vancouver but I never found them online to let you know the name of them until just this week. I liked the fit a lot but they were pant length on me or slightly shorter so I had them hemmed to match the catalogue photo. They look really cute on with wedge heels and a lean fitted top, if only I wasn't so short and hippy. I usually have a really hard time finding pants that fit me well since my proportions are so strange. I have a small waist with wide hips and I'm quite short legged so balancing my top and bottom half are hard and also finding pants that fit my waist and thighs well is quite difficult. My jeans that you will see a lot of in my reviews are the Levi's Skinny Boot Cut in Modern Demi Curve. I took several days to find jeans that fit well and after several hours in the mall one day I decided to try on Levi's which used to fit me horribly. I was so pleased that they now offer the Demi Curve waist which really solved all of my jeans fit issues. I've also had a lot of luck at Anthro with the way pants fit me. Hei-Hei, Level 99 and Joes Jeans all fit me really well. They are made to fit women with curves and all have rises that are not at all scandalous on me. It's so nice to know that my fit frustrations are finally over and I can stop waisting my time at other brands that only made me feel really bad about my shape. 


  1. I've said it once and I will say it again, that belt was MADE FOR YOU! Awesome haul! I also brought home some awesome deals from Anthro this weekend, most notably some AG jeans marked down from 168 to 49! Whoop! Tried on the longwing and it looks much better on you girl!

  2. Awe thank you!! I think I should keep it and force myself to get used to wearing a wide belt. I guess it's like wearing in shoes.

    AG Jeans for $49 is spectacular. Eat your heart out Aritzia. They carry the name brand jeans as well and never, ever mark them down. In fact, hardly any Vancouver area stores mark down the high end jeans.

  3. Definitely keep it! I will live vicariously through your wide belt outfits as they make me look like one big boob. ;)
    Not cool Aritzia! They are opening one of those in the same mall where the big Anthro is by me...will be interesting to check it out!

  4. with jeans, if you check out (also Canadian) you can find joes jeans 50-90% off :)