Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OOTD: Inaugural Longwing Pullover Debut

Off to playdate today and I'm a tad overdressed but I've been experiencing 'tear the tags off lust' for the Longwing Pullover I got the other day so today I decided to take the tags off and enjoy it. We dress for our women friends anyways right? Why bother waiting for a date night to pull this baby out. I'm sure my best mommy friend will appreciate my dressing up for her today. I'm not sure my Lemon Stick Wedges work so well with the outfit but eh! Who needs to be matchy-matchy. I love them and there comfortable. I'm really impressed that dressing more 'put together' is as comfortable as wearing my other lounge clothes that I used to rely on. I'm also wearing my Sweet Breeze Crops that I got on markdown. Initially I was worried that they were too snug but they've actually relaxed an entire size and are now very comfortable so I'm glad the next size up wasn't available because they would have fit like this initially and then gotten too baggy. 

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