Friday, June 17, 2011

Anthropologie Vancouver Store Report and Fit Review

I went in today in hopes of trying on some of the new items that have appeared on the website over the last two weeks and that have made there way onto my wish list but sadly I only found a few of the newest items to try on. I tried on the Layered Column Dress but mysteriously my picture disappeared off my iphone by the time I got home. I tried on an large and I would say it was TTS. It's pretty on but for the price of $178 (more like $190's in Canada) I was not interested in it enough to even wish list it. Brilliant Chaos Shift,Flower Stand DressBeau Ideal DressLila FrockAfterlight Dress (stunning print and colors in person), Bright Bandana DressAine Pencil Skirt were all in and had just been unpacked so there were only size 6's stocked on the shelf.  I'll use that as my excuse to go back soon to try some of these on. The Gathering Tank is now available in store in all colorways and I was feeling mighty tempted by the Turquoise and the Lilac. Another interesting thing was that they had a new display of these Muted Shades Loafers which made me hopeful that we would see more shoes in store soon. I asked an SA and she said although they are NOT a shoe anthro they will occasionally receive one or two styles of shoes and it all depends on how well these ones do as they are the first shoes that they have received. Oh please lulu gods, please bring in a full selection of shoes. I'm deeply in love with Miss Albright shoes and like to be able to try them on in store instead of ordering online. There was also a sign outside advertising a few job postings and I momentarily dreamed of working at Anthro (oh how I would love to) but my current position of SAHM has really horrible hours and would not allow me to juggle this gig (or could I??). I'm sure going to daydream about it though...

Additional 25% off has been extended in store!!

I really, really liked the Calliope Dress on. It is a pullover style with an elastic waist and pockets and a gorgeous print.  I tried it on in a 10 and it was roomy and comfortable. I think I would have liked a bit more length to this dress but that's really nit-picking. I'm wish listing this for now. It needs to be something that can be styled for Fall for me to jump on it at this point and I'm not so sure it is but the colors are right up my alley. 

I'm on the hunt for the perfect cropped and casual blazer to wear with my Longwing Pullover to extend it's life into fall as well as something I can pair with other 'summer' tops that I'd still like to wear. The shape and fabric of the Cropped Wisely Blazer is just perfect and I even really like the print but I just don't know if I am crazy about the print or if I'd get bored with it after a while. Even for the marked down price of $59 + 25% off I wasn't quite ready to jump on it. I think it looks great in this outfit and I think it would pare nicely with the Longwing Pullover since it has soft peachy flowers in the print and it's got the same romantic feel to it. I'm so torn because looking at this picture this outfit looks so cute to me but I think what I want is to wait for a 2nd cut on this or even just wait until the last possible second when I have to run around hunting for it in my size in an exorcise of insanity. This was the size 8 in the picture and it was slightly too small. I tried on the 10 as well and that fit me perfectly. Oh if only there was a solid neutral version of this blazer. To add annoyance to my wishy-washyness, there was a neutral grey cropped blazer marked down which I did love, and it was similar in styling to this one...but it was size 2 and there were no others. That one I would have jumped on. 

 I really liked the grapevine tank when it first came online and I have it on my wishlist. The print is pretty and I love the embroidered neckline but I don't love it for $88 and I also don't like that the embroidered neckline narrows in such a way that you can see my bra straps. I'm not sure I would transition this to fall so I'm wish listing it for markdown but won't be horribly upset if it sells out. Love but pass.

I've been meaning to try the Verdant Slip dress on since I love the print and colors so I grabbed it to add to my pile today in a size 10. I think the 10 is the right size for me but I don't love what happens to my hips in this dress. There is a bit of a bubble/poof effect bellow the waist and that is just not on for my body shape. The dress was comfortable and a lot less revealing and more substantial than I thought it would be for a silk slip of a dress. The neckline is not too low and it's really quite flattering around the middle. Loved it but didn't feel the need to have it at this moment. 

My only purchase today was the grey Lacey Turning Cami for about $16. I got the ivory one last weekend with my Longwing pullover and I've found it to be a really versatile layering piece in my closet and I really love the bit of lace peaking thru underneath my shirts. I was bummed when I didn't find my size today since it was my main goal on today's shopping trip.  Just as I was leaving the fitting rooms I saw they were putting some of these back on the rack and low and behold they had some mediums. I really liked the Moss one too but the lace is the same color as the tank so you don't get the same pop of lace as you do with the grey one so I just got the grey today. 

Sempervivum Belt $58 ($68 in my store)
I've tried this belt on twice now and I really love it. It's a little pricey for a crochet belt so I think I'm going to wait a while to get this. It may very well be a full price purchase for me but not anytime soon. I need to have specific items I'd like to wear this with before I seriously consider the full price and I don't think I have any items in my closet right now begging to be paired with it. 

This was an interesting styling of the Lush Lattice Shirt. I can't say I like the skirt much (pattern is just not me) but it's interesting seeing this top tucked in to a pencil skirt. keeping this idea filed away since I love this shirt and have it wish listed for later consideration. 

My Current Lust List:

I think I'm as enamored with this skirt as I am with my Sailboat Skirt. Every time I see the Sailboat Skirt in store I still feel the need to touch and admire it even though I already own it. I feel the same love for my Longwing Pullover which means they will get a lot of wear over time.  I'm sure when I finally get a chance to try this skirt on I'll have to bring it home with me right away.  The print seems year round versatile and I love the shape of it for my figure. I'm finding skirts this shape are the right balance between casual and dressy for me  and are more effortless then a dress (even though a dress requires less styling). So at $88 I think this skirt has a good cost per wear value in my closet

This skirt is another one high on my wish list but the price drops it down a few notches below the Settee Skirt. I adore the print, it's exactly my style and in colors I gravitate to but I don't want to pay double the price of another skirt I love only for the print. Both the Settee skirt and this one are machine washable fabrics. I think I expected this skirt to be made of silk for this price point but perhaps it's silk cotton. Pass until it gets markdown or until I win the lotto. 

I'm constantly drawn to this type of embroidered flower print and I love the color combinations. It's almost exactly like the Lush Lattice Shirt but with bigger flowers so I think I like this one better because it has more of the element that I love...but I like that the LL Shirt is longer sleeved. What is it about these embroidered flower prints that I'm so drawn to? I think it reminds me of something from my childhood that my mom had but I can't quite place what it was. Wish listed for later consideration. 

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