Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Anthro Markdown Tuesday!

I wonder if Vancouver Anthropologie still has the additional 25% off markdowns that they had this past Saturday. I may get a chance to stop in later today around an appointment so I may take a peek inside to see what's in the sales room. I purchased the Lemon Stick Wedges at full price and still have the receipt so it's worth a shot to see if I can get it price adjusted. Although my store doesn't carry shoes so I may be out of luck and that's just fine because they were a very happy purchase and they have become my every day summer shoe.

I LOVE this tank from the antiqued colors to the neck detailing and the contrasted black.  It's far too pricey still at $99 since it's use in the Fall and Winter months would be pretty minimal. I can see wearing this under a blazer or a pretty cardigan but then it's full affect is not appreciated. It really hurts to pass this one up but I must wait until it gets further marked down. At $60 I would instantly jump. It's just gorgeous though. I don't know, would an exchange with the Heartseas Habotai blouse make sense? 

Always looking for a short sleeved cardi and this one intrigues me. I haven't seen it in store to try it on but I think the shape is so pretty on Bella Seattle blogger. 

I really, really love these pants and have them on my wishlist in a few sizes. They are so silky soft in store. I need to try them on to see what size works best for me. I can never buy pants online that I haven't tried on first because I've found I'm such a huge range of sizes depending on the brand and the cut so I really just don't know what to order. I think I would go with the Navy in these but the Red also intrigues me. 

I was tempted to purchase this the other day at full price in my hunt for a perfect cropped blazer. I love the shape of this one but I think the pattern (seer sucker?) is too summer and wouldn't transition well. I wish it was a solid Navy or Brown or Kaki.

And my Lemon Stick's that I purchased at full price. I threw these in here because I've been really impressed with the quality and comfort. I went with a half size down from my usual and they fit perfect. Took about a day for the leather to meld itself to my foot and now they are all day, every day comfort. I love wearing them with jeans but they also look lovely with crops and skirts and add that pop of yellow that I've been craving. Depending on what I'm wearing these shoes can be quite quiet and blend into an outfit or they can be a loud and fun accent. Worn with jeans and my Green Gathering Tank is probably the loudest I've gone with them :) with full on primary colors. 

I have these on my wishlist and I've tried them on in Seattle. Butter soft leather with super pretty gathers. Oh how I wish these weren't peep toes. I don't mind peep toes in fall shoes but they can't be flats. Not in rainy dreary Vancouver weather. 

It's so silly that the main reason I love this skirt is for it's name. Oh you copy writers! I haven't seen it in person yet (I don't think) but it's a pretty cute skirt in the blogger pictures I've seen. 

I got one of these last week on markdown for $19 (my first pick of color is now sold out so I don't feel too badly) and would love to pick up a second at this price. I don't think you can get a cheeper barrette like this at Shoppers Drug Mart. 


  1. Have you tried on the Ocean's Horizon tank? If so what is the fit like? Is it $99 in Vancouver too?

  2. I haven't seen it in person in any of the stores I frequent (Vancouver, and both Seattle stores). Not sure what the fit is like and I assume it would be over $99 in vancouver. Most, if not all items are about $10 more expensive in Canada. I may check our store tomorrow and If I see it I may just bring it home for a visit.