Friday, June 24, 2011

Fit Report: Mystery Odille, Banded Lace-Up Tunic, Lowland Rugosa Tank, Leaf Filligree Tank, Readymade Dress, Afterlight Dress, Movie Theatre Maxi

After a super busy and stressful week I was really looking forward to my next opportunity to stop in and play dress up at my favourite Vancouver Anthropologie and since today was a dreary and rainy day I decided once the rain slowed to a drizzle I could load the kids up and set off to South Grandville. They get well bribed with treats at Meinhart Fine Foods for good behavior (*gasp* yes I bribe and so do you) so they are very happy to set off to 'mommy's store'. My only purchase today was another Deep End Barrette (on sale for 9.95 from $44ish) but I did knock off a few items from my wish list and perhaps add a few so overall it was a productive venture. 

Mystery Odille Blouse
I found this sweet little Odille blouse downstairs with the few Heartseas blouses that are left and I was immediately drawn to the mustard yellow. I grabbed the other colorway, Navy with green trim to try on as well and overall I liked the blouse well enough but didn't love it on. Both are size 8's and I would say TTS but perhaps a little shorter then I'm used to which was what turned me off slightly. I love the flutter sleeves on the Mustard with the white trim but the blouse is slightly sheer and if that bothers you keep that in mind. The Navy was pretty as well and much less sheer due to the darkness. 

Pass due to length but would consider on markdown.

I've been drawn to this tank since it first appeared on the website. It's so fun and beachy and the colors are fantastic and flattering. This was TTS in a medium but the straps were ever so slightly long. The material is very thin silky Rayon/Spandex and in the end I passed this up because it's dry clean only despite the casual look of this tank and a bit pricey at $88 for a strictly summer & casual tank. 

Pass due to dry clean only will snatch up at sale price

This was one of my wish list items on the tippy-top. I almost, almost purchased this today but decided against it since it is not very bra friendly with the racerback. I tried on both the small and medium and there was not much difference between the two. This image is of the small and I would have gone with that one over the medium. I loved the embroidery but up close the colors weren't as nice as the Lush Lattice Shirt. The colors were lovely, but I just preferred the embroidery of the Lush Lattice. 

Pass, but would reconsider on markdown.

Another one of my tippy-top wish list items but sadly my store didn't have the orange colorway in stock which is the one I love. This is a medium and I think TTS but it was more form fitting then I expected so I would try on the large just to see the difference. The bottom hem of this tank is a bit narrow over the hips as well so that mixed with the sheerness made for some mummy-tummy anxiety paired with jeans. I think the orange would be slightly less sheer and so I would probably wear it with my jeans but I really love this tank paired with the Sailboat Skirt. The embroidered portion at the top will show your bra straps but I didn't mind it so much with the bra I was wearing. It may be tacky but I can sacrifice a bit of class for comforts sake and I just didn't think it was that obvious. I would have probably gotten the orange today had it been in but I don't much feel like ordering it online considering I'd pay shipping and have to drive out to my US address to pick up since Canada Post is sucking at life lately with a postal strike. 

This was a bottom of my wish list dress that has been re prioritized to the very top. It's such a simple and casual dress but it's so very well made and so comfortable. This is a size 10 and I pulled it on over my head easily and then realized there was a zipper on the side. I forgot to check but I think this is the regular 10 and not petite. I love the over the knee length so I wouldn't bother with the petite even though I have short legs. I love the proportions of this dress, the shape and pattern placement is just really flattering to someone pear shaped like myself. I hesitated for a few reasons though. This is only a summer, perhaps spring dress and I have no functions to go to in the near future that I would wear a dress to. I want it bad but I want it at a lower price and probably by the time it does go on sale we will be well into fall shopping. I really hope it gets markdown sometime soon though because at a cheaper price I'd buy it for everyday wear. 

This was on my wish list but I've since removed it. I love the pattern and colors of this dress and the 10 fit me easily and perhaps was a half size big. I still do really love this dress but found the length + pattern was a bit overwhelming on me. The cotton was extremely soft to the touch but also not thin so it felt like a very substantial dress. 

I HATE Maxi dresses and had no real intention of buying this dress but I really love the pattern and colors on it so I wanted to try it on. My store only had this in a small and extra small so I grabbed the small and it did fit. Perhaps not enough material over the bust for me, especially since I'd have to wear this without a bra. The length of the dress, like all Maxi dresses on me, was too long and would need to be hemmed. I easily passed on this one but if something else comes out in this material and pattern I'll be sure to check it out. 

And this picture was courtesy of my 3 year old who stole my iphone from me. She liked the Lowland Rugosa Tank most of all. 


  1. Wow! Just found your blog and loved your reviews. I was in Vancouver last week and was lucky enough to visit your Anthro. It reminded me of our Yorkville location here in Toronto due to the two level concept. Thanks again for the reviews and I look forward to more in the near future. By the way, I caved and bought the Readymade dress this week.. I debated as it is not a typical "special" Anthro dress. But considering the amount of wear it will get, it practically pays for itself. I have yet to see someone who it did not flatter. And it looked great on you.

  2. Thanks so much for reading my blog and commenting! I'm hoping to get to the store on a mostly weekly basis for fit reviews so make sure to stop by again.

    The Readymade dress is such a perfect little dress. I wish I'd tried it on earlier because I would have purchased it instantly and worn it several times already.