Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Anthro Markdown Tuesday!

I was hoping not to see any major temptations today as I recently made two Antrho shoe purchases (post to come shortly) and although I am tempted buy these items that popped up I think I will resist them. I love the Chartreuse Shoots Dress but I think the color is too loud for me. Oh if only it were the colors of the verdant slip dress.
 This pullover always grabs my attention every time. I love a polka dot print, especially a yellow polka dot. The slouchy fit of this thinly knit sweater looks so comfy. I haven't seen it in stores though to try it on but maybe I can get to the store tomorrow to see if any of these items made it in.
I have the To The Flea Market Crops which are pretty much the same as these except for color and print and I'm really happy with them so if these had come in a color that I liked I would have gotten a second pair.  I'd love to see this in a dark blue or red for something fun but this muted yellow is not a flattering color for me. 
 I'm on the lookout for cheap and cheerful printed shorts. I purchased a pair yesterday at Sears for $17.95 (Nevada) and I really liked them but I've decided to return them as the pockets are sitting kind of funny on me. Shorts are a really tricky fit for me (as are pants) so I need to try them on first and make sure they are the correct length. With my athletic thighs the cuff circumference get's raised a bit higher for a shorter inseam than is intended with the designs so the trick is to find something with a good amount of flare or wider leg openings. These are super cute with the cuffs and bow so I hope my store gets them in in my size and that they look as adorable on me as I imagine.


  1. I enjoyed the Anthro sale today. Small. And not too dangerous for my wallet. I picked up the Squeezebox top and a pair of patterned shorts. I agree with you, the colour of the Verdant is so much nicer than the Chartreuse. Did you receive the email regarding free shipping for Canada Day? Could it be true???

  2. i didn't get that email about free shipping to Canada...did you just get that today? in fact, i don't get any Canada specific emails from Anthro...wonder if it's because i signed up in the States?

  3. I did actually get an email today about free shipping. I'll post a screen shot of it. I'm not sure why I got it and not others but I signed up for my anthro card in the US.