Thursday, June 2, 2011

OOTD: Around The House and To The Grocery Store

I got this Deletta top (forgive me for not remembering the name) on a trip to Seattle back in March and I really love it so much for it's simple floral pattern and feminine detailing. This was one of my first clothing purchases after a year or more of admiring Anthropologie from a far but feeling too intimidated to make a purchase. This one was such a simple 'yes' once I saw it. I seem to have a lot of luck with Deletta tops and find the label really flatters my figure by drawing attention to my better features. 

Since I'm really starting fresh with a closet overhaul after being a stay at home mom now for 3 years and heavily relying on 'lounge wear' this top has been a bit of a lone wolf in my closet and despite my love for it I've worn it only twice. I have a few dress blouses and tops but I just don't know how to put outfits together such as adding cardigans, belts, accessories, color pairings and I find I just put a shirt on with dress pants or jeans and then call it a day. I'm really looking forward to learning how to better use the items I have in my closet by adding more elements to outfits and being more creative and bold with patterns and colors.  So far, I found this Banana Republic Blazer  Cardigan in my closet and put the two together. I would not have guessed that the soft lavender cardigan would work over this shirt but it doesn't seem too offensive or sloppy to my eyes. I think the cream heathering and grossgrain belt are what works with the cream base of the Deletta top. My husband really hates the belt that came with this cardigan though and I have to agree with him so I'm hoping the Stretch Tulip Belt I got marked down to $29 may work with this (arrives next week). I need a solution to the ribbon though because this cardigan needs some sort of closure and the ribbon prevents me from wearing it more. Perhaps a skinny darker brown belt will work for it? I'm also wearing my Lemon Stick Wedges for a pop of contrasting color. 
Not perfect but getting closer to put together, and perhaps almost interesting. 

My Anthropologie shopping goal for Fall (yes I have a plan of attack, this is a proper 'project') is to find some great statement cardigans like these ones that I've missed out on. I have my eye on a few on ebay but the prices aren't that enticing just yet and I want to see what comes in the fall. I have a boring grey wrap in my closet that I overuse and this one lavender cardigan that I never use so statement cardigans like these would really fill a hole and expand my closet. Also, I have not owned a pair of proper boots. I missed out on the Miss Albright Pebbled & Primped Boots because of the duties and shipping costs and I really regret it. It's my goal to get proper boots this fall that I can wear with jeans and dresses on a regular basis. I want to add belts to my wardrobe and learn the proper way to belt cardigans and flowy tops. What do you do when you're wearing jeans with a belt and then wear a flowy top that you would like to belt? Do you remove your jeans belt? Or do you wear both? I'd also like to incorporate leggings and nylons to wear skirts in the winter. Maybe by the time I'm ready to reenter the work field once my kids are in school I'll have this fashion thing figured out. 

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