Friday, June 3, 2011

Fitting Room Reviews

I ordered the Heartsease Habotai Blouse earlier in the week along with some markdown items and I was a bit worried about the size 10 I chose. Boy am I glad I found it in both size 8 and 10 to try on today. The size 10 which was ideal in the lower half as far as length and looseness but way too deeply plunging and gaping in the v neck portion which would be way too scandalous to wear without a cami underneath. I could have made due with the 10 but I decided in the warmer months I'd like the option of wearing it without a cami on under it. The 8 fit well in the bust, deep v still but not scandalous in my books. The bottom portion was roomy enough but slightly shorter then the 10. I would have liked to have kept the length of the 10 but the difference was pretty minimal. I also tried it on with the Stretch Tulip Belt that I ordered in Brown size L. The store today had it in this gorgeous blue version but only in a Medium so I tried it on anyways. I would have totally purchased this one today but it was fraying in the elastic portion and since I preferred it to be a bit bigger I sadly left it behind. I would have compromised on one of those strikes but not both. I'm actually kind of sad though because it looks so pretty in the blue belted over this blouse. I have no idea if it's breaking a fashion rule or not wearing it up that high and over an empire waisted blouse (and with my jeans belted as well) but I like the blue of the belt picking up the blues in the pattern. *sigh* maybe I need to call and put it on hold ;p The blouse itself....I adore it. I keep trying to talk myself out of it because it's silk for starters and that will be a magnet for drool stains with my kids. Also it's an empire waisted blouse and that seems to be so unremarkable for my closet. But's just so much more with the lovely print and the fluttering sleeves. I've purchased the size 8 today and will return the 10 as soon as it arrives. I declare this one a keeper! But I'm still a little worried about the wearability of a dry clean only silk top. So very reckless of me. 

I've tried on the Superfluous Bellows Hoodie at least 3 times now since it first came out. I adore it. But this is not branching out for me and my focus here is to upgrade my wardrobe so I always leave it behind. I tried it on again today in a large since there happened to be one in the store (hadn't seen it here before). I really like the pleats on the front of this hoodie but wish the back had some sort of fabric detailing. It's so plain compared to the front. I also don't love that the bottom hem of the jacket is raw edge for the price of $68 (online). I will likely get this if it's marked down to the $29 range and probably online since the Canadian store prices are higher then the online pricing.

This cardigan (which I thought was online so I didn't check the name -sorry) was marked down to $49. I really loved it on but it was a small and I think I could have used the extra body length of the medium. I have a really long torso so this hit me quite high (*ahem* right over my muffin top). The buttons pulled slightly on the small as well but if it had been a bit longer I would have gotten it anyways. I love the green flowers over the warm grey body and especially love how the pattern is concentrated on the upper portion of the cardigan drawing your eyes upwards. I also liked the sleeve length on this cardigan and would probably wear this year round. I'm a bit sad about there not being a medium for me but I'm sure there will be other cardigans that I like eventually. 

I was drawn to this top for it's simple and organized black/grey graphic pattern. I didn't love it enough to get it but it's a really cute grouping of patterns that are organized in a calming way. the ties at the neck have little bells at the end and that would drive me bananas so this was just something fun to try on with no real plans of purchase. This was a medium and I would have probably tried on the small to see if there is much difference in the bust. This was a pass and probably will be a pass come markdown although I liked it enough, it just doesn't fill a need in my closet. 


  1. GASP! That Heartsease Habotai Blouse and belt combo is AMAZING on you! Wow! And I have been sitting on my hands also waiting for that hoodie to go on sale! Ha!

  2. Awe I really want that blue belt now but it just wasn't a perfect fit in the medium and that one was damaged anyways so it would have a short life with not much use. I wonder if Anthro will come out with a new wide belt in that color.