Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anthropologie Fit Reviews: Talauma Tunic, Settee Roses Skirt, Cirque A-Line Dress, Dorsal Tee

I was able to stop in today at the Vancouver Anthropologie as my husband was feeling very generous with time and $$ since he's in vacation mode. Oh how I love vacation mode!! My shopping list today was to find a pair of skinny jeans to wear with my newly acquired  (finally after a year of wafflingPrimped and Pebbled Boots and sadly I came home without jeans but I did bring a few purchases home for a visit instead. 

 I've been fantasizing about the Green AG Stevie Ankle Jeans since I saw them on Square Peg For Anthro Blog a few days ago and finally got to try them on today. The green, although it's gorgeous, GORGEOUS, I'm just not sure I can commit myself to wearing green jeans especially since they draw attention to my lower half.  Also, I don't have very many tops that would go well with it. The AG Stevies were super comfortable and very strechy. I found the same jeans in a dark blue denim and I would have instantly purchased them except they were sold out in my size and the size down. In The image below of me wearing the Talauma Tunic I'm wearing 2 sizes too small AG Stevies, hence the major muffin top (my apologies!) . I think I should stick to my tried and true Levi's Demi Curve Jeans though since they are the best fit for my small waist to wide hip ratio and they greatly reduce muffin top. 

I tried on this top because the pretty branch print caught my attention. I tried this on in a medium and I would say it's TTS although flexible either way since it's an oversized top. I did really like it a lot but not the type of top I was in the mood for today so I've wish listed it for a later date. 

I've had this skirt on my wish list since it first appeared on the website. I love that the print lends itself to Summer as well as Fall and when I saw it in store today it was the first item I grabbed. I was pleasantly surprised at the weight of the cotton and the softness. It's sort of a textured thick cotton that feels quite a bit more casual then you would expect with this print. I love playing up the mustard yellow or the Indian Teal for fall and the white in the print for a more summery feel. I'm posting more images of this skirt shortly since it deserves a post of it's own. 

I was quite enchanted by the elephant print of this dress and the contrasting yellow sash over the black. The print, when you look at the negative space is quite perfectly balanced and dances around your body in such a fun way. I tried this on in a 12 which is a size up for me and would be the size I'd buy. I had issues zipping up the zipper at the bust but it was not because it was snug, it was just not a very good zipper and it seemed to be too small for the weight of the fabric. I felt like if I pulled it closed that last little bit the zipper would break so I let it be. I really like this dress for a party but not so much for casual wear so it's wish listed for when the occasion arrises and if I try it on again and successfully zip the zipper up smoothly without destroying it. 

I have really mixed feelings feelings about this top. I love the colors, love the style, just not so sure it works on my figure. I saw it on my way out of the store and my parking was running out so I had to make the purchase without trying it on first. It's a medium and quite thin and sheer so it shows all of my imperfections and muffin top in all it's glory. It's so sheer that you can see my frowning belly button underneath. I tried it on with a cami underneath as well and that solved a lot of the issues except for the muffin top so I think I  want to take this back tomorrow and try on the large because I think if the large flows away from the body as I think this is intended than it could look so much better on me. But maybe the stripes are just too busy for me? I dunno, I really love the muted mustardy yellow with the taupe background. Maybe I need to find something else in these colors. The length of this tee (on my short 5'4 frame) is more of a tunic length which I really like but I don't think I would like this in a different colorway. 

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