Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Anthro Markdown Tuesday! + Some New Wishlist Additions

This week I'm on family vacation in Parksville, BC and away from access to my most favourite store just when a couple of items I've been stocking have popped up on markdown so I immediately emailed a local friend who is also an Anthro connoisseur to keep an eye out for the Aldabra Barrett for me.  Not major purchases at all this week but I've been really, really wanting the Aldabra Barrett in white so it figures it gets marked down when I can't purchase it in store. I've been interested in the Wildflower Foxtrot Dress as well but I think it's a touch too short for me so I need to try it on first in store. I'll be sure to scope it out this Sunday when I'm back and hopefully the markdown room hasn't been pillaged too badly.

I spotted two new items online today that gave me major heart palpitations. The Heritage Raincoat, most perfect for our wetcoast Vancouver weather may need to come home with me one day soon. I adore the yellow one with the navy and white polka dot print inner liner but the orange one with butterfly print is also pretty cute. It's quite pricey at $288 but for the climate we get in Vancouver where it rains 85% of the year it has a good cost per wear value so I think I can justify it to myself. I think ;p. If it looks fabulous on me that will be all the push I need. 

The Sea Nettle Shift Dress in robins egg blue with deep red contrasted print and some orange and pik thrown in are exactly the color combinations I love. I really love the shape of this dress as well and I wish it was not an online exclusive so that I could try it on in store. It's so gorgeous but I'll have to wait till some reviews show up before I take the plunge on it because I really have no clue what size i'd be in this since I can range from size 8-12 depending on the brand. 


  1. ooohh, i like that yellow one better than the gingham one i picked up a few weeks ago! oh man!

  2. Tuesdays are dangerous for me at Anthro. But today I stayed home, saved some money, and avoided all temptation! It's easier when you're out of the city, but frustrating nevertheless. Hope you get your barrette. It looks so cute! And since I also purchased the gingham raincoat, I hope you get the yellow one so I can be jealous!