Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sale Haul! I Done Good!!

I was in the neighborhood today (total lie, it was a special trip) and so I decided to check in with the sales racks at Vancouver Anthropologie to see if I could find that Blue Tulip Belt I passed on last week. It wasn't in today but I did find some goodies to bring home with me. The markdowns extended out of the markdown room onto the main floor with 3-4 extra racks of clothes and an additional one downstairs by the front entrance so its definitely worth your wile to stop in and check it out. Although now I wish I had stopped in early on Tuesday for the best picking since it seemed that although there were a lot of items today it was well picked over of size options and I can't help but wonder what other goodies I missed. The 25% off sale items also applied in store on clothes so I was happy to pick a few things up that I would never have thought to try on otherwise. Man I love bargain shopping at Anthro. And whats funny is that's so unlike me otherwise. I did also try on some non markdown items (fit reviews to come soon) and I managed to add even more to my ever growing wishlist. One item I may end up picking up this weekend when we head to Seattle if I'm lucky enough to find it again (in US $$'s :p )

Sweet Breeze Crops size 31 $69.95 less 25% (from $169!)
These were a bit of a quirky fit (just like the online reviews indicate) but I actually really love them on.  I may have wanted to try a size up in these to solve some of my fit issues (update: I've worn these for an hour and they have stretched out one full size) with them but they have loosened up since I've been wearing them here at home and I'm glad I got them despite my initial hesitation at the fit. The calf area is quite tapered and very fitted on my larger calves so much so that I can't roll them up more then once. The thighs are slightly snug but I can move around easily and sit and I  don't feel much tension in the fabric except if the lower pant leg which is narrower rides up slightly. The waist is looser fitting and sits a few inches below my belly button which is really great for me.  I have a hard time finding pants with a rise and waist that fit my smaller waist and bigger rear but these are high enough and fitted at the waist that they are perfect for pear shaped figures. The color of these pants are really great too, it's a denimy grey in a thin cotton and I foresee them matching a lot of items already in my closet.  I think if you have a smaller rear/hip/thigh area these may add bulk to your hip area by bagging out a bit but because they are more fitted on me they don't add anymore bulk then is already there. I find them slimming to my shape but I can see how they would do the opposite for some shapes. 

Seersucker Crops Size L $29.95 less 25% off (from $58)
These were a fun pair of lounge pants that I grabbed just to try on as a pair of pajamas but actually, they are so adorable and comfortable on that I want to wear them as actual lounge pants to the park, the wading pool with the kids, grocery shopping or other very casual errand trips. They have hardware detailing on them so I think they are 'lounge' pants and not just 'sleep' pants. Do you agree? I photographed them with the leg hiked up a bit but I prefer them longer. Super duper cute and if it turns out they should be left to sleepwear, then for $25 you can't beat it. 

Deep End Barrette $19.95 (from $32)
I purchased this barrette today that I've been coveting for a long time. The original sale price in Canada was around $42, $10 hole dollars more then the US price and I just couldn't stomach paying the price of a garment on a hair accessory. When it was marked down online for $19.95 I passed on it only because then I'd have to pay full shipping and drive out to Blaine Washington to pick it up. I expected that the Canadian in store sale price would be higher then the US price so when I saw it today marked down to $19.95 I could not pass it up. I have really thick wavy hair and this little clip does an amazing job of holding it all in. I mean ALL of it in a low ponytail.  My hair looks awful up in a ponytail so I'm forever looking for hair accessory's  to use when my hair looks less then together so I'm really pleased I got this one today. This clip is made in France both the plastic as well as the hardware so this really is the ferarri of hair clips at a bargain price. 

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