Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fit Report: Lush Lattice Shirt, Longwing Pullover, Take Action Dress

Aiya! I went in today in hopes of seeing and trying on the Meyer Meringue Dress but instead I found more items to add to my wish list.  
A new color! It's sort of a muted tealy green. Very pretty

Marked down Cardigan
Not sure what this cardi is called, I know it was on the website in the markdown section last week but I didn't note the name. Today I found it marked down to $29 + 25% off and I was very close to getting it but decided to pass on it since I got a floral cardi on markdown a few weeks ago (which I still need to pick up this weekend). I did really love the bold print on this one with the sharp black contrast areas to make this an edgier floral. I liked it much less when it was done up but open it added a nice pop of color. 

Lush Lattice Shirt $88
I loved this blouse! I loved the embroidered flowers on it that seem to be cascading downwards. I also really like the length of the sleeves and how they are tacked up with a button. The sheerness I don't really mind at all for the most part but I would probably wear a cami underneath it if I wore this out to dinner. I tried on the large and I think the fit is right but I'd like to try the medium on to see if I get a less boxy fit. The large is probably the right size for me though. I worried about taking this on and off since the front fabric where the embroidery is is different from the rest of the blouse. it seemed like a fragile material and I'd be afraid to tear it. That being said, it's probably not all that delicate, it just looked that way. This is definitely wishlisted for further consideration. If it goes on markdown and I've passed at full price I would greedily snatch this one up in a heartbeat. 

I fell in utter love with this blouse today. It's everything I wished the Lunar Cycles Top was which I poo-pooed because it was a rough and starchy feeling material. This one is silky soft with an elegant drape to it. It's sheer and it's delicate but I'd love to try it on with a cami to see if it's just as pretty. The color was not initially one that I was drawn to but it's so warming to the skin that I didn't even want to try on the Navy version. I tried this one on in a medium and I don't think I would go up a size as it's quite comfortable, I'd possibly try the size down just to see what that does but I don't think it'd be ideal. My concern with it is that to transition this blouse to cooler months and into fall I'm not sure how it would look with a cardi over it or what the billowy sleeves would do under a jacket or cardi. I will try it on again on Saturday and if it satisfies me then that this can be worn in various months then I will buy this  with my birthday discount if it arrives in time. Darn you Canada Post strike!

This was another item I really liked. I did have a few 'dislike' items I tried on today but decided to focus on the 'loves'. I really liked how comfortable this dress was. It had no zippers to do up and the waist was very elastic so it was a pull up dress with one button to do up at the nape of the neck. I liked the little button detail at the lower ribs and how loose fitting it was in the bodice. I also really liked the length of the dress and the pleating at the neckline. The color and print was nice enough but not one that I loved. If I needed a work wardrobe this is something I would purchase for sure as it's dressy and really comfortable without feeling restricting or fitted in any area. I would wishlist this one of it comes in other colorways. 

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