Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Anthropologie Sale!!

It's markdown time and it looks to be pretty plentiful pickings but nothing landed on it that wasn't already on my wish list so I'm restraining myself today. I did notice the Breezy Paper Bag shorts that are now $29.96 after the additional 25% markdown. Those interest me slightly but not enough that I want to pull the trigger.  Especially since I think I have enough summer clothing to tide me over so I'm waiting on Fall cardigans and light sweaters, pants and jackets to start appearing. I'm also expecting my delayed birthday discount any day now in my mailbox and I'm thinking I'd like to put that towards the beautiful Meyer Meringue Dress if I see it on my next trip to Seattle but I worry the dress is a little too summery. Since I wear dresses so infrequently they are a bit more of an investment purchase so I feel they should be usable  for a few seasons and I'm not sure the Meyer dress will be that for me.  

Breezy Paper Bag Shorts @29.96..was $68 
Deep End Barrette $19.95..was $32 ($42 in Canadian Stores)
I am in love with this barrette. I always pick it up in store and then put it back because I just can't justify the $44 price tag for a hair clip. I know it's made in France and probably very worth it but I just can't do it. At $19.95 it's way more tempting but then again I would pay shipping since it's under $150 total purchase and I'd have to drive to Blaine in order to pick it up. I'm thinking about it though and may just pay the shipping. Not today though. 

Did you buy anything today?


  1. I love your blogs lulumum. The hair clip is pricey. All you need is an Aritzia blog than it would be perfect. LOL! Thanks for all the great info.

  2. haha I thought about an Aritzia blog.

    Thanks so much for reading :)