Monday, June 6, 2011

Add This To My Lust List

Good morning pretty dress. I am in Love! This dress is too adorably cute for words. I don't know how I feel about wearing a halter dress but I adore the print with little line drawn lemons edged in black with black piping detail around the bust line and waist. I'm not sure I really have anywhere special to wear this dress in order to justify the purchase but I sure would love to see it hanging in my closet. Maybe I would even wear this just simply because it's warm out. The price is pretty reasonable so I may just pull the trigger on this one in the near future or see if I can find it in Seattle next weekend. I wont buy it today because I've read rumours of a possible large sale tomorrow and I want to see what get's uploaded but if this dress is as soft as the Dutch Yellow Shift Dress (loved it but the fit was horrible) which felt like a brushed thin cotton then I would very much wear this dress on a hot summer day to nowhere special. 

Meyer Meringue Dress $138 (online price)

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