Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Images On The Anthropologie Website

The Knits and Tees section of the Anthropologie website has been updated with new model shots instead of using the creepy dress forms they used to use. Lululemon used to showcase products with headless model shots zoomed in and that always irked me because I always wondered who the models were and it was quite distracting. I was pleased when they started using more dynamic model shots were you could see complete outfits using different garments from the current lineup. 

These Anthropologie pictures draw me in a lot more then the dress forms did because I can now see how the garments look on a warm body although they are quite different from my figure.  I like seeing how the fabrics drape and what I should expect to see when trying these on and also I get a better idea of the styling intended. Although I also liked that the dress forms left the garments open to interpretation, I'm a lost cause when it comes to styling and I need direction. Especially with a brand that I'm just starting to discover. 

Also, I really like this models eyebrows. She's stunning, dramatic and unconventional. 

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