Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My latest Lust Item and My Weekend in Seattle

Oh man. Oh man. My wallet is in trouble with this gorgeous Hampden Pea Coat. I love every little thing about it and will have to sacrifice much of my wish list items for this beauty. I just love the browns and oversized print. If only I could start this early in dropping Christmas wish list hints. 

Sorry I've been lacking in posts lately, my husband has been on vacation and he's been sort of cramping my Anthro drop ins as well as my free blogging time. We spent a weekend in Seattle though and he did allow me to shop at Anthro to my hearts content with the trade off that the rest of the weekend would be totally free of shopping so I was happy about that, especially when he broke his own rule and discovered the watch department in Nordstroms. He has a weakness for watches so all I had to do was sneakily mention that Nordstroms had a huge selection of some of his favourite brands and I was left to wander the store while he tried on each and every watch he wanted too.

At Anthro I tried on many, many items but settled on getting fall casual staples. I got the Banded Ripples Tee in purple (looks more maroon to me) and I got the Starred Entry Tee (again) in Grey and the Anza Cardi in Turquoise. Today I was able to get a price adjustment for the Anza Cardi since it went on sale this morning, which made me very happy. I also got the Aldabra Barrette finally. This was my 3rd time ordering the barrette after it getting backordered and finally the order went thru. This is my top favourite hair barrette of my collection and it literally holds all of my thick, course hair in a ponytail.  I also managed to find the Speckled Lotus Jaw Clip and quite love it. I have really thick, thick hair and since discovering how well made french hair accessories are and how well they hold all of my hair I've decided to collect them when they are on sale. Nordstroms also carries some of these hair clips by France Luxe but sadly they didn't have any of the bigger ones that I wanted or I would have gotten some more. I think ebay is also a good place to find these at sale prices. 

Thats all for tonight but I will try to post a fit review of all the tops I got tomorrow evening. 

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