Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Anthro Markdown Tuesday!

What an amazing sale today!! Lots of items got marked down that I was tempted by but I've been coveting the Backswept dress something bad the last few weeks and so I purchased it in two sizes to see which one works best. And now is when I realize that I have no shoes to go with this dress ;p

My store never received the Backswept Dress or the Meyer Meringue so I don't want to take my chances waiting till I can get to the store to see if they received a shipment of them for the sale. I'm convinced I can fall the Backswept Dress up despite the open back design. Chrysanthemum are fall flowers after all, aren't they?

Did you find anything from your wish list marked down today?

Seattle had one size 14 Meyer dress when I was last there and despite it being too big for me I tried it on anyways. I loved the dress so much but it's really a summer dress and I wouldn't want to wear it in the Fall with such a sunny color.

I got the Triple Bar Belt in Navy several weeks ago and I was tempted to get a second one since it's such a versatile little belt. I got it in a medium and I can wear it around my waist thru my pant belt loop or I can wear it at my upper waist. The blue was the right color choice for my wardrobe as it looks lovely over browns but If I happen upon another one of these in store I'd love any one of the other colors. 


I ended up ordering the Cuffed Clogs on sale and with free shipping. Not sure I'll keep them but they would solve my shoe issue with the Backswept Dress and it will be wearable for Fall I think. I'm almost certain the catalogue shot of the Backswept Dress is styled with these shoes. I also think they'd go nicely with my Checked Crops. 

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