Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anthropologie Fall Fashions

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I get about fall fashion. I love summer but there is something about fall clothing that is so much more exciting and substantial. I always find my summer wardrobe is much less made up of investment pieces and are much more cheaper disposable fashion or items from summers past. Whatever I buy in the summer that is pricey must be wearable in the fall months as well. Shorts and tanks I'm more then happy to purchase at places like Joe Fresh or Old Navy but once we hit Fall I love substantial shoes, coats and sweaters.

This dress is after my heart with it's retro shape and red polka dot print. I can see this one making it's way into my closet and worn with tall riding boots. Am I too late with the rugged riding boots and pretty dress style? I just ordered my first pair of tall boots ever (post to come shortly) and was hoping to wear it with dresses. I think that style would make me more comfortable wearing a dress very casually. 

This is another dress I love for it's print and it's shape. Dandelions are adorable and the blue shades are exactly what I gravitate to in my closet. I really hope fall brings me many excuses to wear pretty dresses. Dinners out, date nights and work functions with my husband would be very justifiable reasons to have some pretty dresses on hand. 

A couple of pretty and versatile cardigans are on my needs list for fall and winter. I get very overheated fast indoors in the winter since so many people like to crank the heat. I'm really surprised I don't own one single cardigan. I have one wrap sweater that gets way overused and I think it's time to add a cardigan or two. This one is really pretty in the red and I really like it's cropped shape but what I'm not sure about is that it's an open cardigan and also, I think if I get an Anthro cardi it must be 'special' with a pretty print or embellishment. Otherwise I can stick to Old Navy for something more plain. 

This blouse is definitely wish listed. I love the owl print on it and the sleeves and necktie. It reminds me of the Loosened Shelby Blouse in the lemon yellow print. I loved that blouse except for the sleeves and this blouse seems to solve what I didn't like and embellishes what I loved. A cute print, yellow background, and preppy neck tie. 

Oh god I love the newest skirts added to the website. The preppy/nautical/military style skirts are really calling to me. I especially love the wool grey and yellow colorblocked sweater skirt. 

I can see myself wearing this skirt a lot with sturdy heels/booties or flats or even perhaps tall boots. I love that it can be paired with several colors and has that added small pop of color in the yellow ribbon detail. This to me seems like a staple skirt. The teal is lovely as well but I think I'd get less use in that color and would be more limited in color pairings. 

This is such a pretty skirt for Summer/Fall/Spring. I love the butterfly detail at the waist and the antiqued beigey colored background. I love this skirt but I think this one will be a wait until markdowns item.

I initially thought I needed a new coat for Fall/Winter but I do have one from last year that I love and a cropped pea coat from 4 years ago that still works. My problem with last years coat is that it's a size and a half big on me but I can still use it (especially with a heavy sweater underneath) and the cropped pea coat is perhaps a half size too small. Between the two of them I'm probably covered. I would have loved to been able to take in my too big jacket but with it's design it would be very pricey if at all possible. I went thru a phase a few years ago where I was obsessed with dressy wool coats. I can see this obsession returning if Anthro comes out with some nice designs this fall and winter. I always put a wool coat on my Christmas wish list but it's always annoying to have to wait so long for a new jacket and then get to enjoy it for a shorter period of time. Ah well.

Shoes! My other love besides coats.

These are really cute and funky. I love the greeny/grey color best but the turquoise is fun too. I don't see myself wearing these shoes but they are lovely eye candy none the less. 

My recent shoe purchase (post coming soon) is very similar to these in style so I was excited to see these in the anthro catalogue since my purchase was from a shoe from 2009/2010 and I wasn't sure if they would work with this years fashions. I love the sturdyness of it mixed with the feminine peep toe. This style of shoe is easily an everyday versatile shoe.
Not loving the cloak style of jacket. It's a cute style on others but I don't see myself participating. 

I don't love these boots persay but i've been anxiously anticipating Anthro's fall boot selection. I sorely missed out last year but saw a lot of boots I loved online so I'm excited to finally see some boots for this year. 
 well it looks like, according to Anthro, that the rugged boot and pretty dress style is still in. Thank goodness! I love the style as it allows you to wear dresses more casually which is always my goal. I hate looking like I took a lot of effort in an outfit since I always lean towards more casual. 

These are so, so cute. I love the colors it comes in and would have trouble picking which I like best. Since I lean to a more casual effortless style that naturally means I also love slide on backless shoes. 

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